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Three Questions to Ask About Restaurant Recycling

Three Questions to Ask About Restaurant Recycling

Recycling is a hot topic nowadays especially in the restaurant industry. Most restaurant and café owners want to reduce food waste and maximise their recycling efforts. Yet, many restaurants may not be sure of where to start. After all, it can be confusing.


Some of the difficulty in restaurant recycling stems from the fact that food products need to be separated from other recyclables to prevent contamination. Additionally, restaurants have a lot of things that can be recycled – glass, aluminium, food products, and cardboard, just to name a few. If your restaurant needs some help when it comes to recycling here are some simple questions to ask yourself.


What Are You Throwing Away?

The first step is to take a look at what you are throwing away as waste. And that’s not just a quick glance at the rubbish before it goes to the dumpster. Really take a look at your waste and see if there are missed opportunities for recycling.

You may see an excessive amount of food scraps. You may see the occasional glass bottle or cardboard box. Of course, you know that these things can be recycled, but maybe it’s just not happening.


Why Are Certain Recyclables Still Going to Waste?

You’ve seen that you have areas for improvement when it comes to recycling at your restaurant and now you need to figure out why this is happening.

Do you have clearly marked recycling bins conveniently available for your kitchen staff? Do you have bins that are large enough to handle all of your recycling? Do you have bins or bags available for food waste so that scraps are not going in the trash? In your dining area, are clearly labelled bins available to your waitstaff or customers so they can also easily recycle? Sometimes, it’s just a matter of providing the right resources.


Who Can Help Me Find the Right Resources?

You’ve now identified some areas where you need to improve your recycling efforts, but you’re lacking some resources. Now is the time to reach out to a professional who can make suggestions that fit your business. A professional waste disposal and recycling company can offer you sound advice on what is needed to maximise your recycling potential.

If you are looking to turn your food waste into compost, recommendations for proper bins can be made by those who are experts in the business. Additionally, you may find that your food waste can be used to produce energy supplies for local farms and factories.

Finally, when it comes to having the correct recycling resources, a professional waste disposal and recycling company can make sure you have adequate bins for glass, aluminium and other recyclable materials. The bins will be properly sized and clearly labelled to encourage all of your staff to recycle when possible.

When your restaurant takes the time to answer these three questions, you will find that you can easily become a leader in restaurant recycling. Of course, if you have questions about recycling at your restaurant, contact us at Zero to Landfill. A member of our team will be happy to talk to you about all of your options. Please visit our website or call 01392 690 193.

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