Polymers Processing Centre In The South West

Our Plastic reprocessing, recovering and recycling centre in Exeter has seen over £250,000 invested by DCW since we acquired Polymer Industries in August 2019. We all know that plastic is a problem across the world, and we are passionate about doing the right thing with the plastic that does exist and needs to be recycled. In July 2020 we moved our Plastic Processing Centre to our Head Office in Exeter!

Plastic Reprocessing Centre, Wrangaton

Our Plastic Reprocessing Centre, DCW Polymers allows us to process plastic waste from our customers locally, within our own company. We are passionate about making sure as much plastic is recycled as possible, and our investment allows us to process up to 100 tonnes per week!

Plastic recycling specialists

We have a number of plastic recycling specialists at DCW Polymers, with a wealth of knowledge who can advise our customers on how best to recycle their plastic materials, or even advise local manufacturers of which plastics would be the best to use in their products – considering the full life cycle of UK manufacturing!

Our ultimate aim is to establish a Circular Economy for South West recycling, where materials that are used in the South West, are recycled in the South West and we are well on the way to doing exactly that with the help of our plastic recycling depot.

Storm Board

Any plastics that can’t be recycled, or don’t have much of a market value, are used to create Storm Board, a plywood alternative made from unrecyclable plastics. We are proud that plastic waste collected from our South West customers is used within these boards, which we are also the local licenced distributor for! This is the first step in our Circular Economy aim, as these can be used and recycled within the South West over and over again!

Soon we will be opening our Education Centre in this depot, where we can offer talks, lessons and tours to visiting schools, colleges and even local companies who want to learn more about recycling – plastics in particular.

What Materials Can We Process?

We operate a range of different size shredders and granulators, and have machines dedicated to certain material types, which helps to reduce clean-down time and eliminates cross-contamination.

We handle a wide range of thermoplastic polymers including: HDPE, LDPE, PP, ABS, PC, PA, PS, PMMA, PVC, PC/ABS, PBT, PPS, PSU, PPSU, PEI, PEEK, PES.

Waste items we are actively sourcing

  • Manufacturing production waste plastics (e.g. injection moulding, extrusion, thermo-/vacuum- forming, rotational moulding) – components, sprues. lump, pellet,
  • Obsolete stock (e.g. finished product, raw material)
  • Broken/obsolete wheelie bins
  • Large plastic pallet crates/dolavs/IBCs
  • Plastic baskets and storage containers
  • Plastic drums and barrels
  • PP Buckets
  • Polyethylene utility pipe (water/gas) and ducting
  • uPVC window manufacturer off-cuts
  • Bottle tops/caps
  • PP and HDPE bottles and containers
  • DVD cases
  • Or any other single plastic product in reasonable quantities

Over the years we have recycled a wide range of plastic items including kayaks, charity collection boxes, DVD cases, bottle tops, pontoon floats, laboratory crates, cable ties, children’s toys, road cones, hard hats, fuel tanks, aerospace components, confectionery tubs and many more.

We’re always happy to give advice on any plastic waste materials. We cannot guarantee that we can always recycle everything, but we will always give clear and honest guidance. Please call us on 01364 73313 or email us via polymers@dcw.co.uk

Giving Something Back To The Community.

With the intense focus on plastics and protecting the environment, DCW Polymers is investing in an education room at its Wrangaton premises, which will soon be available for small school and community groups to visit, to learn more about plastics, their uses and applications, and also to consider the importance of the recycling processes and protecting our environment from pollution. By providing our children with more information about the world they live in, they will grow up being more informed about what happens to the waste we generate, and they will play a vital role in defining the solutions to these issues in years to come.

Creating A Sustainable Future

However, it doesn’t stop there! We will be immersing ourselves in community projects, offering practical advice, presenting information, sharing tips and ideas on how you can most proficiently reduce and dispose of your business or household waste, and we will be actively facilitating ways that we can assist you in participating – reduce, reuse, recycle, repeat.

By working together, we can actively lower the amounts of recyclable material ending up in landfill and contribute towards a brighter, more sustainable future for generations to come.

Find out more about our latest initiative here

What our customers say

We are proud that so many of our customers come back to us every time for all their commercial waste disposal needs. You can find out more about what our customers think below.

"We've been DCW customers for about 3 years, maybe longer. Their zero to landfill promise aligns with our ideals, and makes our tenants very happy. They don't need to sort their waste to know that if it's recyclable, it gets recycled. Zero hassle, zero to landfill. Accounts and customer services staff have always been very helpful and friendly.

If you haven't tried them, what have you got to lose?"
Rhiannon, Hub Manager,
Tavistock Enterprise Hub Via twitter
"As a business we strive to maximise waste for recycling, however as a busy exhibition and conference centre found it difficult with traders not necessarily caring of the way in which they dispose of waste. In working with DCW, we have been able to achieve our ambitions and easily, thanks to the fantastic technology they use. We are now proudly recycling the vast majority of waste generated."
Sarah Rich, Events Manager,
Westpoint, Exeter
"DCW has provided a sterling service to Supacat Ltd. They offer a timely response to enquiries, and their customer service is second to none. DCW has helped us to improve our environmental performance and reduce costs."
Rosie Piper,Sales & Marketing Admin,
Supacat Ltd
Zero to Landfill by dcw
Zero to Landfill by dcw
Zero to Landfill by dcw

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Serving commercial clients in Exeter and across Devon, as well as bordering areas of Somerset and Cornwall, we help commercial organisations of all sizes to dispose of their waste quickly and efficiently.

Our commercial waste services cover the collection and disposal of general, paper and cardboard, timber, plastic, glass and metal waste materials, all of which are recycled where possible. Any waste that cannot be recycled is sent for incineration at an Energy for Waste centre, enabling us to honour our Zero to Landfill commitment. Serving commercial clients in Exeter and across Devon, as well as bordering areas of Somerset and Cornwall, we help commercial organisations of all sizes to dispose of their waste quickly and efficiently. We are the only company in this part of the UK that is committed to recycling as much waste as possible and to maintaining a Zero to Landfill policy in the process, making us the perfect partner for local companies that wish to enhance their environmental credentials. To find out for yourself why we are widely acknowledge to be the leading commercial waste recycling company in this area of the United Kingdom, call and speak to us about your requirements today.

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