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Why Your Small Business Should Recycle – And It’s Not About the Money

When it comes to recycling at your small business, it may have started as a way to save money and reduce waste. After all, saving money helps your bottom line and reducing waste helps the environment – two very good reasons to recycle. Yet, there are some other benefits that small businesses see that go beyond these two popular reasons for recycling.


Recycle to Attract Top Talent

When it comes to attracting top talent, you may think that as a small business you will have a tough time competing against those larger companies who seem to have big bank accounts and top-tier benefits. But that is not always the case. One of the trends that businesses are seeing is that salary is not the only thing that new hires look for when deciding to join a company.


Today’s employees want to work for companies that have values aligned with their own Often, potential employees are looking for companies that show they are environmentally responsible and working to create a sustainable workplace. Your business could find itself attracting top talent based on the policies in place when it comes to recycling.


Recycle to Improve Your Brand

You’ve probably thought a lot about what you want your brand to stand for in your chosen industry. Words like ‘quality’ and ‘efficient’ are often used to show clients and prospective clients that your business is capable of great things. But, don’t underestimate the power of ‘environmentally responsible’ when also describing your business.


While recycling may seem like a rather small thing for your business to do, a good recycling program is something to brag about to prospective clients. Additionally, it is often something that a new client will look for when choosing you versus a competitor to help them with their business needs.


Recycling at your company is a highly visible way to show your responsibility – both fiscally and environmentally. This outward showing of responsibility will help to develop trust with your clients.


Recycle to Build Community

If you’ve managed to hire great employees, you don’t want them leaving to go work for the competition. Yet, one of the reasons often cited for employees who leave a company is the lack of community they felt with the people they work with on a daily basis.


When everyone who works for your business is united with a common goal, you quickly can develop a strong sense of community. Recycling is one common goal that your small business can tackle together. By training staff on proper recycling and setting up a centralized recycling centre, your staff will feel like they are part of an important company-wide initiative.


While saving money can be a great motivator to implement recycling in your small business, it’s definitely not the only reason. Recycling can bring you great workers, can boost your company image and help develop a cohesive group of employees – benefits which should not be overlooked in today’s workplace.


If you think your small business could use some help with setting up a recycling program at your office, please reach out to our team at 01392 537126 or email

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