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The Benefits of Waste Collection Services for Your Business

The Benefits of Waste Collection Services for Your Business

Every business generates waste and while the city you live in may offer regular rubbish collection services, that’s often not enough. If your business is continuously turning out more waste than your regular rubbish service can manage, it may be time to move on to a dedicated waste collection service for your business.

The service will ensure that all your rubbish is taken away and will often provide skips so you can get the waste out of your building and into a secure place. The rubbish may also be sorted so you can have a bin or two for recycling and another for waste that is simply rubbish. Either way, it is very helpful to have skips available to fill up, particularly if you work in an industry that has a high level of waste production.

Why You Need a Commercial Waste Collection/Recycling Company

Take a good look at the amount of waste you turn out in your company every day or every week. How much of it is recyclable? How much is true rubbish?

You should consider a commercial rubbish collection or recycling collection company if you find that the rubbish and recycling is piling up and you need to assign someone to take it to the landfill. It’s also a consideration if you are storing a number of items that you can’t actually dispose of, due to them being hazardous in one way or another. Do you have computers or other old electronics that need to be thrown away, but have nowhere to put them? Do you have a large number of chemicals that are waste from the business, but have nowhere to go?

If you’re not sure what to do with some of your company waste, it’s time to bring in the professionals. They can help you eliminate the rubbish and will take the hazardous materials to the proper disposal sites. A good service will also manage your recycling for you, eliminating any need for taking out the rubbish yourself.

Benefits of Business Waste Collection

There are a number of benefits to hiring a waste collection service. If you’ve been struggling with whether or not to hire a company to manage your waste, then this can be quite the relief to finally have it all sorted for you. Here are some of the biggest benefits of hiring a waste collection company for your business.

Save Money

If you are using a more efficient method of managing your waste, you’ll end up saving money. However, this is not just based on hiring someone else to manage your waste, it also requires some active steps to prevent producing too much rubbish in the first place.

You’ll need to change everything about your business habits. Not only will you set a better example for your employees, but also for other companies. Create a waste management policy and aim to reduce waste. Simple ways to do this include:

–                      Purchase in bulk where possible to reduce packaging

–                      Opt for purchasing from companies with biodegradable and eco-friendly packaging

–                      Reduce your own packaging where possible

–                      Provide purified water to reduce bottle usage

–                      Provide food waste to farmers for their animals

–                      Establish recycling policies

–                      Create a compost bin

–                      Go paperless

These are all simple ways that will reduce the amount of rubbish your company turns out and this can have a profound effect on how much money you spend overall.

Lower Your Carbon Footprint

Every business should have a good environmental policy in place to prevent wreaking more havoc on the environment. By carefully sorting your rubbish and ensuring it is disposed of correctly, you reduce your impact on the world around you. It’s also helpful to encourage employees to choose more sustainable options in the office and to aim to go paperless wherever possible.

In addition to reducing your rubbish and being more responsible about it, you can also recycle a large amount of it. Sort your waste carefully to ensure that everything

Increase Business Opportunities

Did you know that many bigger companies and even government organisations and NGOs have policies against working with companies that don’t take care of the environment? When you reduce your carbon footprint and build solid waste management and recycling plan for your business, it immediately makes your company more attractive to these entities.

Of course, you’ll want to publicise the fact that you are taking these measures, but that can be good for business across the board.

Make Money

Did you know that some items you can recycle are worth money? Anything that is metal, for example, and can be considered scrap, is worth something. If you recycle the waste that would otherwise be worthless, you can often make some extra money for it.

Get your employees involved in this and have them sort out the recycling to sell as much as possible. You can then use the money to do something for them, such as provide better office chairs, host a holiday party, etc. It can be good motivation to get everyone involved.

Increase Environmental Awareness

As your business becomes more eco-friendly, people will notice. This isn’t just for your company, but for those who work there, your customers, and even your competitors. They’ll all see how things progress and you can boost awareness of how to reduce your carbon footprint and give back to the environment.

Just having a solid waste management plan with a service to back you up will be a helpful way to promote cleanliness and rubbish control.

Boost Staff Morale

People love to be a part of a positive movement and when your company takes steps to be more ecologically sound, your staff will notice. They’ll be pleased to be part of the endeavour and it can even help increase your staff morale.

Having a tidy office or work area will also help increase mood. People tend not to do well when they are surrounded by chaos and that is exactly what happens if you haven’t thrown away anything in a long while. The recycling and old printers or other appliances can pile up and create unease among employees and customers alike. The simple method of reducing your waste in the company will help everyone feel better and happier.

Impress Customers

Your business is always being watched. Customers need to know that the businesses they purchase from are doing good things. When you showcase the environmental benefits that you are working toward, this can really help customers feel better about giving you their business.

Make sure you let everyone know the steps being taken so they can see it for themselves. You can post on social media, make it obvious throughout the showroom, or have employees discuss it as part of their promotional talks. Overall, people will have a better opinion of a company that takes care of the environment.

It also doesn’t hurt to ensure that you have a clean business. People will notice this and they will be impressed. Get rid of the rubbish before it begins to hurt your image.

Recycling: Not Just Good for the Environment

Recycling is an excellent way to get rid of all the things you’ve been collecting because they could be useful. Not only can it make some money in some cases, such as with scrap metal, but it ensures that everything is removed from the company.

Green waste and food waste may seem like the worst types of the rubbish since they break down and become unpleasant and smelly. However, these are actually excellent for turning into compost, something you can do as a company or let a waste management company do for you. Either way, the end result is lovely, rich soil that can be used in gardens everywhere. You have many options and the fact that this type of waste can be used in recycling will help you feel better about it all, too.

If you compost your own waste, it’s less to haul away. It also provides you with some very nice soil that you can put to good use in a company garden.

Are you ready to move into the world of professional waste management? At DCW, we are experts in recycling and waste removal. When you hire us to help with your company, we’ll ensure that all your waste management is taken care of for you.

Contact us today to get a quote on your waste removal services. We’re standing by to help.

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