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DCW Head Office with our What3Words location detail

How DCW are using What3Words to improve our services!

What3Words is an app & website where you can find a 3 metre squared location using 3 unique words.


We’re very excited to announce that our drivers are now using What3Words to locate our customers’ recycling containers quickly and efficiently. What3Words is a map system that has divided the world into 3 metre squares and given each square a unique combination of three words – it is an easy way to find and share exact locations. You can find our Recycled Plastic Furniture show room with ///!

To find your What3Words location, go to search your address and click on the square.

Launched in July 2013, the app divides the world into a grid of 57 trillion 3-by-3 metre squares – wow! Many emergency services are now also using the system to find exact locations of current emergencies.

We’re asking our customers to send us their unique 3 words recycling container location, just in case our drivers need it!

It’s a common issue in the recycling industry that bins may not always be in obvious places. Therefore, we’re resolving this by using this app to easily find our customers’ bin locations.

Please send us an email to with the What3Words location of your containers (bins, bags or skips) and we’ll add it to your account just in case our drivers need it!

DCW Head Office with our What3Words location detail


Did you know that we guarantee to save you 10% from your current waste costs? If you’re interested in DCW’s recycling services, please contact our team on 01392 361300 or email


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