What Services Can a Waste Management Company Offer You?

From going paperless to encouraging your employees to cycle to work, there are many ways for businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and become more sustainable. Environmental responsibility is something that businesses of all sizes and sectors have prioritised in recent years, and should continue to do so as the urgent need to protect our planet becomes clear.

Of course, one of the most important steps that any business can take towards becoming more sustainable is to minimise its waste output. However, while producing zero waste on an individual level is one thing, this is almost impossible for businesses – even small enterprises.

For this reason, there’s one thing that every business hoping to become more environmentally-friendly needs – responsible waste management services. Responsible waste management services can ensure that all waste generated by your business is taken care of safely and efficiently, helping you to minimise your contributions to the UK’s growing landfill problem.

If you’re thinking of sourcing waste management services, it’s a good idea to know exactly what services you can expect to receive. Here we share our guide to the services a waste management company could offer you – and why every business should utilise them.

Waste collection

As a business owner, you’ll know just how busy working life can be. From making sure your employees are happy to ensuring your clients are receiving the highest standard of service possible, it can often feel like there’s not enough time in the day to get everything done.

That’s why it is important to ensure that any waste management company you work with offers rubbish collection services. You don’t want to spend time in the day driving to and from your local recycling centre; the chances are you won’t have the resources to do so anyway.

This is especially true if you are dealing with a skip-full of rubbish or hazardous waste, as these should only be dealt with by trained and experienced professionals. Established waste management companies should always offer flexible collection services to ensure that your business’ rubbish is disposed of safely, efficiently and responsibly.

Recycling services 

As we touched on, it’s almost impossible for businesses to operate without generating waste. From broken electronic goods to food waste leftover from your employees’ lunchtime, businesses create sizeable volumes of rubbish every day without realising it.

It is, therefore, particularly important to ensure your company is able to recycle its waste responsibly. Waste management companies can assist with this by offering waste collection and recycling services designed to minimise the volume of waste directed to landfill.

When sourcing the right recycling services for you, it’s essential to ensure the rubbish removal company you hire specialises in commercial waste. After all, your business will likely be producing large quantities of waste that will need to be separated and disposed of according to industry standards.

Established waste management companies will have the resources to recycle a range of different waste types, including confidential waste, plastic, glass bottles, hazardous waste, clinical waste, food waste, paper, cardboard and more. Before you commit to hiring a waste management company, make sure they have the necessary experience to cater to your requirements.

You should also double-check which standards they are working to. All waste disposal services should comply with ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 industry standards to ensure that all rubbish is being separated and recycled safely and responsibly, which is something we pride ourselves on at Devon Contract Waste.

Waste management equipment hire 

To help you manage your business’ waste on-site, many waste management companies offer equipment hire. This gives you the opportunity to keep all rubbish stored away between collections and ensure that your business premises remain tidy and free from clutter.

There are many different equipment types available for hire, including:

Skip hire 

While not all waste management companies offer skip hire, many certainly do. Skip hire is useful for businesses expecting to generate a larger volume of waste than usual over a period of time; for instance during refurbishments or renovations.

Skips are particularly useful in these circumstances, as they give your business somewhere to keep all waste away from employees and customers. However, they aren’t typically considered to be a long-term waste management solution as they can make it difficult for businesses to separate and recycle waste efficiently.

Waste compactor hire 

Another type of equipment that your business may benefit from is a waste compactor. Waste compactors are designed to compress rubbish into smaller bales in order to save space between waste collections.

If your commercial waste is collected by a company which charges by volume, then hiring an on-site waste compactor could be a great way to save money. This will also reduce the number of trips required between your premises and the recycling centre, a benefit which carries its own environmental advantages.

Waste containers 

In addition to offering recycling services and equipment hire, many waste management companies also supply a range of waste containers. From bins to hazardous waste drums, there are plenty of container types available to make the waste disposal process as seamless as possible.

In fact, no matter what sector you work in, making sure your business has plenty of waste containers is essential to ensure the efficient separation and recycling of all rubbish. Not sure what container types are available? Here are some of the containers commonly supplied by waste management companies:

Bags and sacks

No matter what sector you work in, you are likely to benefit from recyclable bags and sacks. These allow you to collect and separate a variety of dry waste types without taking up much room. If you don’t have the space for a skip or on-site waste compactor, then bags and sacks may be the ideal waste storage solution for you.


Whether you’re in need of replacement food waste caddies for your restaurant or large wheeled bins for your hotel establishment, your local waste management company will be able to supply the size and type of bin you need. Don’t forget to purchase the relevant recyclable bags for the type of bin you need.


As we mentioned earlier, your business is likely to benefit from skip hire if you are preparing for a refurbishment or renovation. Skips are ideal for the times when your business is expected to generate a large volume of waste that it would not usually deal with, and perhaps doesn’t have the infrastructure to dispose of responsibly.

Hazardous waste drums

If your business produces hazardous waste, then it’s important to make sure you have hazardous waste drums to ensure its safe disposal. These need to be compliant with the regulations surrounding hazardous waste and should only be supplied by established waste management companies.

Devon Contract Waste: The South West’s leading recycling centre

If you’re looking for a waste management company you can rely on to deal with your business’ disposable goods, then you needn’t look further than Devon Contract Waste. We specialise in the efficient, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly disposal of commercial waste in Exeter and beyond, and are proud to offer a range of services for businesses nearby.

Whether you’re looking for a company to take care of your paper recycling, plastic recycling, hazardous waste recycling or glass bottles, we have the resources to be of assistance. In addition to our recycling services, we also supply a variety of container types and equipment hire to help you streamline your waste management solutions.

Our Zero to Landfill promise means we go above and beyond to ensure that no waste ends up in Devon’s landfill sites, so you can rest assured that we’re the most environmentally-friendly option for all your rubbish disposal needs.

For more information about our range of services, or to learn more about our Zero to Landfill promise, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Devon Contract Waste today.

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