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Four Apps Helping You Cut Down on Waste

Living in an increasingly digital world has meant that our lifestyles five to ten years ago are virtually unrecognisable. Whether it’s scrolling through Instagram whilst listening to a playlist on the morning commute or being able to quickly check our bank balance through fingerprint recognition, it is no secret that apps have contributed to a streamlined lifestyle. The relentless evolution of smartphones have allowed for apps to become the new consumer-focused business. From tracking your health to making e-commerce quicker and easier – no matter what you are looking for there is certainly an app for that. In fact it has been estimated that the average person roughly uses around 10 apps per day, like booking taxis, ordering food, browsing different social media sites, using mindfulness meditation apps.

With new apps being released every day, it can feel like a minefield to know which apps are the best to download and can change your lifestyle. With increasing environmental awareness, there has been a rise in apps looking to help you save the environment and also alleviate perhaps a guilty conscience for being glued to your phone all day. Below are our top four.

Too Good Too Go

If you have a busy lifestyle as well as a penchant for takeaways, it is likely that you are aware of popular app Deliveroo. Yet, if you are passionate about the environment and you want to save some money, whilst also buying delicious food, then Too Good Too Go is the perfect option for you. Too Good Too Go is an app where they have partnered with local restaurants and eateries in your area and for a small fee you can go pick up a magic bag full of tasty food that didn’t get bought and would be otherwise thrown out.


The first UK app developed for helping those who want to recycle unwanted clothing, reGAIN is helping the fashion industry become a more established circular economy. It is no secret that fast fashion, although affordable, on-trend and easy to purchase and receive, has a major effect on the environment. ReGAIN incentivises you using their app to recycle clothing, offering discount coupons for a range of major retailers, lifestyle brands and experiences.


If you are tired of buying single-use water bottles, or you have a stainless steel water bottle that you forget to fill up before you leave the house, with Refill this can be avoided. With a UK wide map, Refill shows you the places closest to you where you can fill up your water bottle and rehydrate on the go.


If you are going on holiday or you are moving out of your university accommodation and you have a fridge full of goodies – then instead of throwing them in the bin and contributing to needless waste ending up in landfill, Olio allows you to post online and sell the produce for free to your neighbours. This is a great way to give away surplus food to those who need it and to reduce the amount of food waste that is thrown away on a daily basis.

At Devon Contract Waste, we know just how important it is to put the environment first, which is why we operate on a strict zero to landfill policy. To find out more about our services, simply contact us today.

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