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Waste Disposal Services | What Is Zero To Landfill?

Waste Disposal Services | What Is Zero To Landfill?

A highly common practice for waste disposal, to eliminate the amount of waste that is sent to landfill, Zero to Landfill waste management services are designed to work as both a financially viable benefit for businesses and industries to reduce landfill waste, as well as an environmentally conscious incentive that could have a lasting positive impact on our collective environment.

In this helpful guide, we provide a complete breakdown of Zero to Landfill services provided by Devon Contract Waste, offering expert insight into the practices and essential benefits.

Waste Disposal | What Is Zero To Landfill?

Intended to eliminate waste from reaching landfills, Zero to Landfill solutions are in place to help companies, businesses and industries reduce their landfill waste considerably. This is generally carried out through the exploration of alternative waste disposal solutions, such as reusing or recycling, as well as focusing on costs and efficiency.

Zero To Landfill | Why Use It?

Sending our waste is no longer a viable option for waste disposal, if it ever really was, due to our increased understanding of how this impacts our collective environment. Landfill space has since been linked with greater levels of pollution in our soil, and with space at a premium, there’s never been a more important time to eliminate our landfill waste. This is where Zero to Landfill waste disposal solutions come into play, eradicating landfill waste, and encouraging eco-friendly solutions to aid our environment.

Below, we outline the essential benefits of implementing Zero Waste to Landfill policies across your company or industry.


Arguably the most important advantage of Zero Waste to Landfill disposal services is the environmental benefits. As you’d expect, by eliminating the waste sent to landfills, you are ultimately reducing the impact that landfill sites have on our planet. When waste is sent to landfill and buried deep beneath the ground, harmful toxins are released into the soil as materials decompose, causing untold damage to our natural earth.

In the modern age, recycling, eco-friendly waste disposal and an increased emphasis on reducing pollutants have never been more critical; and with tax benefits and key regulations now in place, there has never been a more appropriate or advantageous time to go green!


It may seem cynical, but there’s no denying that promoting eco-friendly waste disposal services, such as Zero Waste to Landfill, can have a major impact on your marketing as a company, potentially endorsing your business to a market it otherwise would not have reached. Environmental concerns are an increasingly important consideration for many people across the country, making Zero Waste to Landfill a highly desirable service in the modern world.

After all, if you promote yourself as a frontrunner for environmental waste disposal and Zero Waste to Landfill solutions, there’s a strong chance consumers will turn to you first, in response to your marketing and a clear commitment to the cause.


Carrying out Zero Waste to Landfill services won’t just eradicate the vast quantities of waste you would ordinarily collect and send straight to the landfill, it will also promote methods of using materials more effectively and for far longer. In the long run, businesses can benefit greatly from promoting zero to landfill solutions, cutting costs otherwise spent on waste management and material turnovers.

Not only this, but landfill tax is increasing regularly, to further deter companies from sending their waste to these sites.


An increasingly pressing political issue, climate change, and the actions required to combat its effects have seemingly never been more important. Legal bodies have set out several key legislation and regulations as well as tightened controls on processes including waste management. Ensuring that businesses and companies are compliant across the country is essential in reducing landfill waste.

Commercial Waste Collection | The Waste Hierarchy

The important baseline for all Zero to Landfill Waste policies, the Waste Hierarchy is effectively an upside triangle that depicts the methods of waste disposal from the most favourable to the least. Generally, this starts with prevention at the top and ends with the last resort which is sending waste to landfills, though this should be avoided.

In short, the Waste Hierarchy is designed to encourage industries to explore different methods of waste disposal, offering realistic alternatives that could prove highly beneficial and avoid waste being sent to landfills unnecessarily.


As you’d imagine, the simplest and most effective way of eliminating landfill waste is to prevent how much waste is being sent to landfills in the first place. In the waste hierarchy, this is known as prevention. During this stage, businesses should consider their practices and explore alternative methods to reduce landfill waste, improve recycling and insist upon environmentally friendly packaging.


Many products that are dubbed “single-use”, such as plastic bags, can be easily reused over and over again to prevent unnecessary waste from reaching landfills. By reusing materials in this way, you can quickly transform your waste into a valuable commodity that doesn’t need to be thrown out after one use. After all, why buy a bag for life when you can simply reuse the same plastic bag for the long term?


As an extension of the above, reducing landfill waste can be effectively carried out through recycling. Recycling involves the transformation of existing waste products into new items, thus reducing the number of virgin materials required in the manufacturing process, as well as the energy and emissions consumed. Materials that can be recycled include cardboard, glass, metal, wood and more, each able to be recycled many times without losing any of its original quality.


Recovery is the word given to a variety of important processes that help transform waste materials into energy. Recovery processes typically include incineration or anaerobic digestion, to create energy, but will use up the entirety of the material meaning it cannot be used again.


As a last resort, some waste may have to reach landfills and face incineration, with no energy gained or materials reused or recycled in the process. This can have a lasting impact on our environment, leading to pollution, water pollution and the release of methane from food waste. Disposal should be strictly limited to specific, non-recyclable items that have no other method of safe disposal available.

The Importance Of Effective Waste Disposal

A highly important practice for several reasons, proper and effective waste disposal services are crucial in reducing the negative impact on our environment created by landfills. Landfill waste is well-known to cause the toxic contamination of soil, water and air. Waste that is inorganic or non-biodegradable can cause untold environmental damage when sent to landfill and should be avoided as much as realistically possible.

Wastes such as glass, plastic and cardboard can all be easily reused or recycled to reduce landfill waste and the levels of energy required to develop new virgin materials to replace them. Effective waste disposal will reduce the levels of contamination distributed across our planet, as well as help to reduce wasted energy and materials to replace them.

Devon Contract Waste – Expert Commercial Waste Collection, Disposal & Recycling Across Devon and Cornwall

Seeking Zero to Landfill waste disposal solutions? At Devon Contract Waste, we’re the leading independent commercial waste collection, disposal and recycling firm across the South West, remaining the only Zero to Landfill operator across the region.

Our sustainable solution provides materials to the manufacturing industry, creating jobs at all stages of the processing journey. Zero to Landfill saves resources and energy, reduces our region’s carbon footprint, and promotes a sustainable business community.

All our services can be completely tailored to meet your needs at the most competitive rates. We service clients across all sectors throughout Devon, Cornwall and Somerset. For a free no-obligation quote, get in touch today.

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