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How to Teach your Child to be Environmentally Conscious

How to Teach your Child to be Environmentally Conscious

Introducing eco-friendly habits into your child’s life may seem like an unattainable goal amidst the everyday stress and chaos that comes with raising a child, however, there are lots of quick and easy changes that you can make to your child’s life to enable them to be more environmentally conscious.

Read on for some top tips for teaching your child to be more environmentally aware.

Spend Time in Nature

One of the easiest ways to encourage your child to be more environmentally conscious is by showing them the joys and beauty of nature.

Although times have changed and children nowadays often prefer to stay cooped up playing on electric devices indoors, it is important to show them the love of the outdoors.

You should take them on bicycle rides, fishing trips, walks in the park or even camping.

Once your child begins to enjoy the outdoors, they can appreciate and care for it.


Recycling significantly cuts down on the amount of waste we release into the environment and limits our contribution to global warming.

Recycling can actually provide a number of fun and engaging activities for your child. Consider making new toys out of old cardboard boxes or rewarding your child every time they recycle something correctly.

Soon enough, recycling will become a habit and part of your child’s everyday routine.

Conserve Food and Water

Teaching your children how to limit the amount of food and water waste they produce is crucial in ensuring they are living environmentally friendly lives.

Encourage your child to turn off the taps when brushing their teeth and reduce food portion sizes at mealtimes to limit the amount of waste produced.

However, it is important to note that despite your best efforts, it is likely that some food will still be wasted. Children are known to be fussy eaters, so while you can teach your children the importance of reducing waste, it might be a slow process to actually achieve this.

Take Your Child to an Eco-Friendly Play Area

There are now a number of environmentally friendly children’s outdoor play areas made out of recycled plastic available to visit.

At Devon Contract Waste, we have partnered with Rhino Play to create an environmentally friendly space for children to play and explore their imaginations.

Our playgrounds are commonly used by schools, nurseries and hotels, and are well worth a visit.

Recycling Centre Near Me

Are you looking for a reliable recycling centre in the South West?

At Devon Contract Waste, we offer a number of recycling services including mini skip hire and green waste collection so that you can get rid of your waste without harming the planet.

If you would like to learn more about the services we offer, contact us here today!

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