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Tips on Encouraging Employees to Recycle at Work

Today, most households make a conscious effort to recycle, but what about at work? The majority of workplaces are full of recyclable materials and waste and it is important to ensure that all of this stuff is getting recycled too. While you can place recycling bins around the workplace, you cannot ensure that all employees will use them correctly. Motivating and educating employees on correctly disposing of their waste in the workplace is important in order to reduce the amount of commercial waste that is sent to landfills. Follow our top tips below for motivating your employees to recycle.

Educate employees

It may sound silly, but sometimes people simply do not understand the importance of recycling. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to educate your employees on just how important it is to recycle in the workplace and to help them understand exactly how their waste affects the environment. Hold a meeting or send a handout to all of your employees discussing the importance of recycling, along with what materials can be recycled to save any confusion.

Put up signs and reminders

If your employees are not used to recycling, they may forget about it. With deadlines to meet and large workloads, it can actually be the last thing on their minds, so putting up some signs and reminders around the workplace can be helpful. Opt for ‘catchy’ messages that reinforce the importance of recycling in the workplace, along with symbols and signage that instruct employees about which materials can or cannot be put in certain containers.

Get rid of individual bins

While having individual bins underneath employees’ desks stops people from regularly getting up to dispose of their rubbish and disrupting their work routine, individual bins also encourage staff to throw anything in their bin. Remove individual bins and, instead, set up a recycling point with bins for various materials. Your employees may have to walk a few extra steps or get up to get rid of their waste, but it ensures that their rubbish is going into the correct bins.

Set an example

Setting an example to your employees is important; if your employees see you and other senior members of staff making the effort to recycle, they should hopefully follow. It is your duty to send out a positive message to the rest of the workplace and to demonstrate just how important recycling is.

At DCW, we specialise in the collection, processing, recycling and disposal of commercial waste for companies across the UK. We understand the importance of recycling and with our Zero to Landfill policy, you can rest assured that your waste will always be disposed of responsibly. For more information about us and our waste management services, simply get in touch today.

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