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Our Guide to a Zero-Waste Lifestyle

Here at DCW, we’re committed to sending none of the waste that we handle to landfill sites, which is why we enforce a ‘Zero To Landfill’ policy. However, a growing population of environmentally conscious people are bringing this philosophy into their own lives and going zero-waste. We’ve put together a brief guide on how you can do this too.

Begin by Phasing Out Single-Use Items First

Starting a zero-waste lifestyle is a big ask and it takes a lot of time. No one expects you to flick a switch and ‘poof’ you’re living zero waste. Everyone has to start somewhere and the best place to start is by getting rid of single use items. Replace your plastic bags with fabric tote bags, your straws with a metal replacement and plastic bottles with a reusable glass or metal bottle. Eliminating these easy items first will get you on the right path.

Invest In Containers and Sustainable Products

When you’re living zero waste, you’re going to need to find replacements for all of those containers you used to use. Stock up on a number of different sized glass jars and other containers that you can take with you to zero waste shops to stock up on food like pasta and rice. Also consider buying a bamboo toothbrush and a few good quality handkerchiefs in place of tissues.

Recycle Things You Already Own

Have you got any old clothes you no longer want to wear? The recycling options here are endless. By just using a little ingenuity and some thread, you can turn an old shirt into a tote bag a new kitchen cloth or stitch a number together and create a blanket or sofa throw. Reusing items you already have is a great way to reduce your impact on the environment, save money and live zero waste.

Shop For Preloved Items

Finally, try and do as much of your shopping as you can at second hand shops. By shopping at charity shops and second hand stores, you can own something that used to be loved and ensure it doesn’t go to waste.

DCW: A Waste Management and Recycling Company Committed To Sending Zero Waste To Landfill

Living a zero-waste lifestyle is a great way to reduce your impact on the environment and it’s something we take very seriously at DCW. Our mission is to send none of the waste that we handle to the landfill so, if you’re in need of a waste management company, look no further than DCW.

To find out more, contact us today. You can find us at our headquarters at DCW Transfer Station, Thorverton Road, Matford Business Park, Exeter, EX2 8FS, call us on 01392 690 193 or email us at

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