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Smart Ways To Recycle Wine Bottles

Smart Ways To Recycle Wine Bottles

Wine bottles are one of the best objects to use and recycle. Glass is better than many other materials in general because it can be melted down and reformed, and it is also less harmful in landfills.

But it doesn’t have to make it to landfills; they can be recycled in your home. Here are some creative methods to recycle wine bottles.

Glass and Environment

Glass is one of the most environmentally friendly materials; not only is it more resilient and better quality than plastic, but it’s also easier to recycle and produces less air pollution. It makes you wonder why we use plastic at all.

Glass is 100% recyclable. When you correctly dispose of glass, it enters the recycling process where it is melted down to its original state and reformed into new glass objects, but that is not the only way to recycle glass; you can reuse bottles in fun and interesting ways.

Wine Bottle Lights

Wine bottle lights look lovely and magical; they are also super simple to make. When you are finished with your wine bottle, wash it out and dry it thoroughly; next, buy a string of LED lights; you can get these from local supermarkets or online. LED lights are the safest and best lights.

Around 10 feet of string lights are good enough to fill a standard wine bottle and create a nice effect; if you want to keep things simple, fill the bottle with lights and have the string come out the top; alternatively, you can drill a small hole in the base of the bottle.

Wine Bottle Candles

Cottage core styles have been trending for the last few years. Cottage core is a kind of rustic interior decoration style that blends the traditional with the modern. Expect to find checked tablecloths, wood-burning stoves, and bare wood finishes. Wine bottle candles are also a feature.

Wine bottles make ideal rustic candle holders; the neck of a wine bottle is usually the exact size for standard candles to fit in; when you start burning them, the wax cascades down the side, creating a lovely rustic effect for your family to enjoy. This is one simple way to recycle bottles.

Painted Wine Bottles

If you have a collection of old wine bottles and a special event coming up, why not combine the two features and create some innovative decoration ideas? Empty wine bottles might look a bit ugly by themselves, but when they are painted with chalkboard paint, you can write messages.

Take an old wine bottle and paint it with chalkboard paint, next take some chalk and write your message on the bottle; either that or put some chalk on the table where people are sitting and allow them to write personal messages.

Wine Bottle Planters

Wine bottle planters are lovely for a rustic, eco-friendly home; they are also easy to make. Buy a glass cutter online; there are different styles to choose from and cut a section of your wine bottle on the side or at the top. Next, fill it with soil and plant your favourite succulent plant in there.

Glass Bottle Recycling From Devon Contract Waste

If you’re looking for a way to recycle your glass bottles in the South West, work with Devon Contract Waste today.  We are experts in glass bottle recycling, making sure none of the glass we collect ends up in landfills.

You don’t even have to separate your other glass from your glass bottles, we can do it for you and offer bespoke packages to suit your level of glass waste.

Contact us today with your requirements to see how we can help you.

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