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A Quick Guide Reducing Your Waste

A Quick Guide Reducing Your Waste

Reducing waste and changing everyday habits have never been more important, we need to find ways to take the pressure on the economy and reduce carbon emissions where possible. In this article, you can find some key ways to reduce your waste without much effort or spending.

Composting Waste

One of the most efficient and environmental ways of disposing of your waste is via composting. Instead of placing your waste in a disposal unit where it needs to be uplifted and taken to a processing facility, it is put in a composting container or the earth, saving on fuel and carbon emissions.

Composting is very easy to do, all you need is a composting site in your garden for the organic waste. Make a composting site in your garden by digging a small hole, around 14 inches deep, and placing the organic waste inside in layers of green and brown. Bacteria will break it down.

Avoid Single Use Plastic

Single-use plastic is cheap to produce and convenient for manufacturers, unfortunately, it is very bad for the environment. Single-use plastic is difficult to break down in the environment, in fact, it never breaks down completely, instead, it turns into microparticles contaminating the planet.

If you change the demand, you change the supply, that’s the theory. If people continue to choose single-use plastic there is no incentive for manufacturers to stop producing it. On the other hand, choose not to use single-use plastics encourages manufacturers to change.

Reusable Bags and Containers

If we don’t choose single-use plastics, what do we use instead? The answer is reusable bags and containers. Eco bags are made from twine or hemp, they last for years without needing to be replaced and are the best alternative to plastic bags if you can remember to bring them.

As for containers, a lot of the time single-use containers are made from single-use plastics as well, but they are designed to be used frequently and last for years as opposed to just one-time. The secret to reducing waste is understanding your life habits and making appropriate changes.

Zero Waste Shops

Zero-waste shops are becoming more common up and down the country as people become more conscious of their waste and the impact it has on the natural environment. Even if you don’t want to adopt a zero-waste lifestyle full-time, visiting the store occasionally also helps.

The best place to find the nearest zero-waste store is by searching online in your local area. Although zero waste is becoming more popular you might struggle to find a shop in your area, or, you might have to travel to fill up your jars; however, there are some handy online shops.

Dispose of Waste Responsibly

Whether it is household waste, garden waste, skip waste, or something else; it’s important to dispose of it responsibly to support sustainability and better waste habits. One of the key ways is to use a recycling service in your local area, someone you can rely on to put the planet first.

Here at Devon Contract Waste, we have a wealth of expertise when it comes to waste management and recycling. Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements and find out how we can help.

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