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CONCHUS Skincare – Case Study

Protecting Our Environment in Partnership

CONCHUS are an environmentally-friendly company inspiring positive life choices through ethical everyday skin and haircare products and plastic-free accessories.

Using only high quality, 100% natural ingredients CONCHUS manufacture products suitable for all age groups and skin types. Unsurprisingly, even their packaging is sustainable, offering completely plastic-free alternatives through a mix of reusable, recyclable, and compostable delivery systems!

Initially a hobby for founder Camilla, CONCHUS has grown into a thriving business who deliver across the UK. And, to enable customers to enjoy their luxurious brand worldwide, they’re now working towards offering international shipping!

CONCHUS provide a wide range of nutritious skin and hair care products without using harmful chemicals or detergents! Furthermore, many items can be used for several purposes, which reduces bathroom waste and the cost!

Made in Devon from raw, natural ingredients, CONCHUS don’t use preservatives, are vegan friendly and are cruelty-free.

Kind to the body, and kind to our world CONCHUS handmade products are:

  • SLS free
  • vegan friendly
  • cruelty free
  • palm oil free and
  • plastic free

To make a CONCHUS purchase of your own you can visit their website or email

United in Reducing, Reusing & Recycling


DCW has been providing Zero to Landfill services for Conchus for the past 2 years. Together, by operating efficient working procedures, using renewable energies and quality ingredients, both DCW and Conchus provide their customers an exceptional, eco-friendly service that saves CO2 emissions.

DCW collect the waste and take it to their MRF site in Exeter. Their operatives then sort through it and extract recyclable materials for onward recycling. DCW sends the remaining waste to a local waste to energy plant where they turn it into electrical energy for the national grid.

DCW use dependable partners to manage glass recycling, hazardous waste, and anaerobic digestion. This enables DCW customers the opportunity to actively contribute towards increasing recycling rates; in the process, this provides recycling manufacturers savings of up to 75% of the energy it takes to create virgin products!

Committed to reducing, reusing, and recycling, Conchus’ partnership with DCW guarantees responsible disposal of their waste. As such, this actively reduces environmental damage, ensuring anything that can be recycled is. DCW give assurance to our customers that nothing we take will end up in landfill.

To find out more about DCW’s Zero to Landfill waste management service, click here!

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