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7 Reasons Your Business Should Recycle

7 Reasons Your Business Should Recycle

Sustainability is a concern for many businesses as carbon emissions increase and more and more customers become interested in how environmentally-friendly the products and services they invest in are. There are many ways to improve sustainability within your company, whether you choose to invest in renewable energy or simply start using less paper.

One of the main ways you can take a simple step towards a more environmentally friendly business is by recycling. Many companies may choose not to recycle as much as they could because they don’t think it makes a major impact. However, finding a quality commercial waste management company to manage your recycling will help ensure that any recyclable waste you create is handled efficiently and reused as much as possible – preventing unnecessary waste from going to landfill.

Here’s why you should recycle:

Create a workplace your employees can be proud of

Recycling can help any average person feel like they are actually doing something to fight climate change. Whether it is just cardboard recycling or plastic recycling within their own home, it helps avoid a little bit of guilt. Sustainability as a concept can be overwhelming because realistically, the little things we do, don’t do much unless the large corporations actually do something about it too. This also extends to your own business. If your employees put a lot of effort into their own home recycling and then they come to work and their company doesn’t even bother – it can feel a little deflating.

By recycling, you can create a workplace that your employees will be proud to work for. Somewhere that cares about the environment and does as much as possible. By doing so, your employees will be proud to work for a business that is doing everything it can to fight climate change. And often the fight begins with effective recycling collection services. Provide workers with plastic, cardboard and glass recycling bins so that they can continue recycling while at work. It may also prompt a few employees to start recycling at home if they haven’t already.

Save money

As landfill sites are starting to fill up, the government is looking for new ways to reduce the amount of waste being sent to them. It’s for this reason that the cost to businesses has increased over the past few years and it now costs £98.60 per tonne. Over time, the cost of recycling is expected to go down as recycling centres find more efficient ways to recycle your waste. Therefore, it will be much more cost efficient to recycle your waste, helping your business save money.

As a business owner, you should be trying to keep costs down wherever possible and recycling is an easy way to do that. Not only will you be saving money, but you will also be able to help the planet at the same time.

Keep your workplace organised

Recycling is one way for you to stay on top of your waste management. Whether you’re a retail or hospitality business that produces a significant amount of waste or you’re an office that only produces a little, recycling can help  you stay on top of things and ensure there isn’t any mess.

With specific bins for each type of waste, you can ensure that each bin is emptied when you run out of space and there isn’t a mixture of waste types producing a mess in the workplace. Employees want to work in a clean environment and if you have clients or business partners, CEOs or investors visit your site, it’s imperative that you have a space that looks clean and professional and not covered in pieces of rubbish that could be put in the recycling bins. If you choose reliable recycling management that includes plastic, cardboard and commercial glass collection, your site will always have a high level of cleanliness.

Keeps you compliant

In order to cut down on landfill waste, there are regulations and legislations in place that ensure businesses stick to their moral duties. The UK government has put pressure on businesses to reduce the amount of landfill waste they produce and push them to recycle more. On top of landfill tax fees, the 2010 Landfill Allowance Trading Scheme limits the amount of waste that can go to landfill and ISO4001 standard is there to ensure businesses reduce their impact on the environment.

The government takes recycling very seriously and they want businesses to also join in. If you aren’t already recycling, they will be cracking down on you to ensure you are doing your part. So it’s a good idea to beat them to it.

Lower your carbon footprint

Whatever you do for your business, making it more environmentally friendly is one of the best ways to improve your ethos. Companies that work on their sustainability are more likely to pull in new customers and retain existing ones. Lowering your carbon footprint can be done in many ways, but by far the easiest is to recycle as much as possible.

Recycling metal is one of the best ways to lower your carbon footprint. Metal can be highly recycled and turned into new products, while also doing wonders for the environment. 100% of metals can be recycled and the process is very easy and quick. Recycling means that that item does not have to be created again because the materials already exist. The only energy that is needed is what is required to turn it into something else, which is considerably lower than producing the product from scratch. Whether you just recycle metal cans that your employees drink or you run festivals that produce a lot of metal waste, make sure it’s all recycled!

Contribute to your local community

Local communities are aware of the businesses in their area that are doing good. By recycling, you are benefiting your local community and giving them good reason to buy your products or services. By finding a local waste management company to take care of your recycling needs, you’ll be contributing to the local economy and ensuring the community benefits from your recycling requirements. You can sign a contract with one of these commercial waste companies to ensure that all your needs are met and the local community views you as a business that not only cares about the area you work in but also the environment as a whole.

Make money from your materials

There is also a business incentive to recycling, as there are plenty of companies that are willing to pay for certain types of waste. So not only can you avoid sending large amounts of waste to landfill, you’ll also be bringing in more money. Some companies will pay for waste such as cardboard, plastic and metal, so it is really a no-brainer to take this route. You can seach for these companies online to find the best possible solution to your waste management.

Waste Management Solutions with Devon Contract Waste

Are you looking for an affordable and reliable solution to your waste management needs? At Devon Contract Waste, we’re able to deal with a variety of waste management, including commercial glass recycling, hazardous waste removal and confidential waste – perfect for a range of businesses. Whether you’re a restaurant, a bank, a hair salon or an office, we can help you safely and efficiently dispose of any waste.

We are also committed to sustainability, which is why we offer a vast range of recycling options, from cardboard recycling collection to food waste recycling, we can do it all. We even turn plastic waste into new products such as commercial furniture and children’s play equipment. Whatever your businesses recycling needs, get in touch with the team at Devon Contract Waste today, we will be more than happy to help your company meet its sustainability promises and contribute to a circular economy.

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