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Client Case Study: Becky Falls

The iconic 50-acre Becky Falls park attracts over 40,000 visitors each year to its 70ft waterfall, extensive woodlands, café, gift shop and petting zoo. As a member of the British & Irish Association of Zoos & Aquariums (BIAZA), the team at Becky Falls works hard to conserve the park’s beautiful environment and its resident wildlife, which includes a number of rare species. As a conservation focused organisation, Becky Falls required a waste solution to support its mission and align with its values.


When Becky Falls came under new management in 2016, it was apparent that the incumbent waste system was not meeting the needs of the organisation. Collections were often missed which meant visitor and business waste was left on the site, waste sorting was limited with only cardboard separated for recycling, and the Becky Falls team felt unsupported by their waste operator. The management team wanted a fresh approach to waste management that would support the park.

After observing other local businesses being serviced by DCW, Becky Falls contacted the team who immediately visited the park. During a thorough initial consultation, DCW assessed the needs of Becky Falls’ varied functions, and the types and volumes of waste that were being generated. In addition to office and hospitality waste, work on petting zoo enclosures occasionally generates industrial waste such as metal, wood and wire which was previously collected with all other waste. Becky Falls also required support to introduce recycling bins to visitors and make it as straightforward as possible for them to sort their waste in order to minimise litter and maximise recycling.


DCW worked with Becky Falls to develop a tailor-made waste and recycling solution to suit the requirements of the business:

  • New bins to match Becky Falls’ waste streams and volume including food, glass and mixed recycling. All bins are clearly labelled to minimise contamination of waste, which helps to maximise recycling;
  • Scheduled collections every two weeks to clear the site of all waste every time;
  • Flexible collections at peak times to ensure the site remains waste-free;
  • Responsive ad hoc provision of skips to collect industrial waste generated by the petting zoo.

Following the successful introduction of mixed recycling collections, DCW extended its support to include Becky Falls’ confidential waste. As the park generates only small volumes of confidential waste through activities such as HR and season ticket administration, DCW advised that the most cost-effective disposal system would be secure paper sacks that can hold up to 15kg of waste. Once the sacks and contents have been securely shredded, they are processed for recycling.


DCW’s bespoke Zero to Landfill solution guarantees that Becky Falls is kept clear of waste at all times while ensuring that no waste reaches landfill. The Becky Falls management team is able to rely on fortnightly collections, knowing that DCW’s drivers will make sure that no waste is ever left behind. DCW is also able to provide additional collections to cater to the seasonal nature of the business when required.

DCW’s Zero to Landfill programme has improved Becky Falls’ waste sorting efficiency and aligns with the business’ mission to be as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible. Having the right bins in place minimises litter around the park and ensures that the people who work within the park can continue to focus on conservation work

Emily Richards, Commercial Manager at Becky Falls, said:

“We’re delighted with the great service from DCW. They got under the skin of our business, took into consideration the different components of the park, and understood straight away that we have particular challenges, such as waste from the petting zoo. The office staff are on the ball, double checking every detail so that our collections are on-time and our invoices are accurate. DCW is always quick to communicate with us which helped us to quickly establish a great working relationship. It’s clear that everyone at DCW is passionate about their work and supporting organisations to become Zero to Landfill.”

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