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A Guide to Decluttering Your Office

A tidy and organised workplace is essential in order to boost employee productivity and efficiency. In fact, clutter can influence the way people work, a dis-organised and messy space can be distracting and make it difficult for people to focus on the task at hand. In addition to this, a cluttered office looks far from appealing to clients who may be visiting your workplace, which is why it is extremely important that your office remains organised and free of clutter.

Start from scratch

The best and the only way to effectively declutter your office is to remove all of the clutter at once. While it may seem more manageable to tackle large amounts of clutter bit by bit, it’s usually always best to start from scratch and clear out everything. From there, you can then add all of the important things that you need in the office back in. Clear desks, drawers, file cabinets, shelves, boxes and cupboards. Make sure that you go through each one carefully and, when getting rid of documents, always shred them first.

Print fewer documents

Today, more and more offices are going paperless and, with the number of apps and online platforms available today, it’s easy for you to do the same. Not only does going paperless allow you to do your bit for the environment as a company, but it is also a great way to keep organised and on top of office clutter. If you constantly find yourself drowning in a sea of paperwork, or your file cabinets are overflowing with documents, it may be time to take the leap to a paperless office.

Invest in smart storage

A lack of effective storage in the workplace could be one of the contributing factors to clutter. If every surface in your office is cluttered, it’s time to look into purchasing storage. File cabinets are a great way to keep files organised, whereas desk organisers can help employees keep on top of desk clutter.

Rearrange your space

Sometimes, an untidy and disorganised office is down to poor layout. Once you have decluttered the workplace, you can take a proper look at your office and whether you are best utilising the space available. Are you making good use of wall space where shelving could be installed? Are computers located next to plugs, or is your office cluttered with extension leads and cables? Your office layout should be based around improving efficiency and productivity in the workplace.

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