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Top Tips for Teaching Children to Recycle

Great habits often begin during childhood, and what better habit to learn than recycling your waste? You are never too young to learn about the environment and our responsibility to protect it, so if you have young children, now is a good time to teach them about the importance of recycling.

To help you out, we’ve put together our top tips for teaching children to recycle.


Lead by example 

If you recycle your waste responsibly, your children will soon start to pick up the habit. Children love to imitate their parents and any other adults they respect, so make sure they see you separating your waste and recycling it at home and in public.


Use kid-friendly labels for your recycling bins 

Making sure your recycling bins are labelled will make it much easier for your children to separate their waste properly. You could even draw child-friendly characters and stick these onto your bins to make the process more exciting for your children.

Use waste for fun craft projects 

Instead of throwing away plastic bottle tops, paper towel inner tubes and cereal boxes, why not use these to inspire your children’s imagination? These can be upcycled to build robots, towers, and anything else your children want to play with!


Turn recycling into a game 

Children love to play games, so consider turning waste disposal into a fun competition. For instance, you could offer a prize to the child who separates a pile of waste into recyclable and non-recyclable items the quickest. This will encourage children to associate recycling with fun, and after a while, it will simply become a habit.


Explain the importance of recycling 

Children will often ask why they’re being asked to do something, so it’s important to explain how recycling benefits our planet. You could also encourage them to develop an appreciation for our planet by watching nature documentaries together, showing them how waste is damaging our oceans, and planting flowers in the garden.

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