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Top Environmentally Friendly Tips For Making Your Christmas Magical

Whether it’s the abundance of Yorkshire puddings, gravy and Brussel sprouts, or the merry feeling in the air, there is nothing quite like Christmas. The perfect time to get together as a family, Christmas is a time of joy for all. However, with recent environmental concerns coming to light, the disposable culture that surrounds Christmas is in fact now more apparent than ever before. If you want to change your ways and become more eco-friendly, but you are unsure how to do this around Christmas time, read below for our tips.

Brainstorm recipe ideas for Christmas leftovers

It is likely that you will have plenty of leftovers after Christmas day – whether its turkey, roast potatoes, vegetables, or stuffing – don’t simply let these go to waste! Before ordering, brainstorm a range of recipe ideas that you can use with the Christmas leftovers like turkey curry, potato bakes, roasted vegetable soups and sandwiches.

What’s more, when shopping for produce, try to buy organic, locally grown and loose if possible. Plus, why not try something new this Christmas and make a vegetarian alternative instead?

Use brown wrapping paper

Although shiny, bright and the perfect complement to a richly decorated Christmas tree, cartoonish and saturated wrapping paper is not environmentally friendly at all, as it can’t be recycled. Instead, switch to using brown wrapping paper. Not only will this give an idyllic rustic appearance, but this can also be customised by your little ones with animated drawings.

Stock up on zero waste toilet paper

If you are hosting all of your family this Christmas, it is likely you will go through plenty of toilet paper. Instead of buying single-use plastic wrapped toilet paper from the supermarket, there are many eco-friendly options available from brands like Who Gives a Crap and Bumboo.

Shop from small businesses

Shopping from small businesses are a great way to support independent brands and also give back to your local community. Not only are you supporting people’s passion projects, but you are also helping their family have a wonderful Christmas too.

Choose or create eco-friendly decorations

Though baubles and tinsel will make your Christmas tree sparkly and bright, due to being made from PVC, they are not eco-friendly Christmas decorations. There are a range of pretty accessories you can create yourself to decorate your Christmas tree. From DIY salt dough creations to paper snowflakes – many decorations can be made using simple craft materials you have at home. Alternatively, why not use old Christmas cards you have saved from the year before to make Christmas collages and other decorations?

Here at Devon Contract Waste, as a leading innovator and business operating on a zero waste to landfill policy, we want you to have as magical Christmas as possible that can help look after the Earth too. To find out more about our range of recycling services, simply contact us today.

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