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Skip hire guide

Skip hire guide – How to get the right skip for the job

It can be surprising how quickly rubbish can build up whilst you’re working. Even on simple home renovations, the building waste created can quickly pile up, getting in the way of your work. Of course, there are ways you can get rid of the rubbish yourself, such as taking it to the local tip. However, after multiple trips to the landfill, a dirty car and a fuel bill for your trouble, you might be thinking of other ways to more effectively get rid of your waste.


If you’re looking to dispose of large amounts of waste quickly and efficiently, there’s nothing quite like hiring a skip. Whether you’re renovating your home or working in large-scale construction, a quality skip hire can make the difference between your work site being a mess and it being a safe, clean environment to work in.

With this in mind, it’s important to know what skip you’ll need for the job at hand. There is a range of choices when it comes to hiring a skip so it’s useful to know your options to find the best fit for your job.


What are the benefits of skip hire?
As already mentioned, there are actually a variety of benefits that come with hiring a skip. To begin with, you can end up saving a huge amount of time by having a dedicated space to throw your rubbish away. Your chosen skip hire will drop it off and pick it up when you’re done so all you need to do is fill it up.

For those looking to minimise their environmental impact, skip hire is also one of the more eco-friendly waste disposal options. Rather than trawling through your rubbish trying in vain to split your recyclable and non-recyclables, a skip hire company will have the necessary equipment and personnel to ensure that your waste is put to the best possible use. Pickers will guarantee the recyclable materials are reused whilst some organisations will utilise the remaining waste, refurbishing it and providing it to various industries.

Finally it’s one of the safest methods of holding waste. In comparison to holding the waste yourself, which can pile up and create a hazardous environment, having a single receptacle for your rubbish keeps it out the way and decreases the level of risk whilst you work. Also, due to spending less time lugging the rubbish around you’re less likely to hurt yourself during handling.


When might you need a skip? 

Skips aren’t just for big construction jobs and can be useful for a variety of functions that require a sizeable container for rubbish. If you’re working on home renovations, for example, having a receptacle for your excess waste can be a real time saver; This can be the same for garden waste too.

There are other reasons aside from construction where you may need a skip, however. For example, if you’re moving house and have decided that a lot of the stuff lying around the house isn’t coming with you to your new place, having a skip hire to throw away your unwanted belongings can pay dividends when you finally move.

What types of skip can I use?
When looking to hire a skip, it’s important to figure out which size and type is right for the job at hand.


–      6 cubic yards: As one of the smallest skips on the market, these are the standard skips you see on most sites. Although there are smaller models, we recommend 6 yard skip hire for most jobs as they can take a fair amount to fill – around 60 bin bags worth of rubbish to be more precise.


–      8 – 12 cubic yards (enclosed): If you’re ever in need of a more secure option when it comes to your waste disposal or have confidential information to be rid of, an enclosed skip is a much safer option. These skips cannot be accessed without being unlocked, securing your sensitive waste from any would-be criminals.


–      Chain/hook lift container (20 -40 cubic yards): If you’re working on a large-scale site and are need of some heavy duty waste management equipment, the much larger hook and chain lift containers may be your best bet. Some of these models can come as walk-versions for ease of access and are dropped off and picked up by a skip lorry.


As you can see, there is a variety of skip sizes that can accommodate basically any size job in which rubbish needs to be collected. There are other features that can also be added depending on your work so ask your local waste management company to see what they can offer you.


What can go in my skip? 

Having a skip can really make the difference when getting rid of rubbish, however, it should be noted that not everything can be stored in one. Depending on the skip hire company you decide to work with, they may have certain requirements on what you fill your skip with. As a standard, most skip hire companies will allow your common building materials, such as brick, wood, plastic and glass.

However, if you believe you are disposing of potentially hazardous materials it is best to discuss with your skip hire company about your options. Some waste companies will have viable alternatives for collecting hazardous waste such as paints and hallogen products, so it’s always good to ask.


Rules and regulations 

It should also be noted that you have a few responsibilities to adhere to when hiring out a skip, in order to protect yourself and others who may come into contact with your skip hire. In not following these regulations, you may find yourself with a hefty fine from your local council.

To begin with, consider where you may be placing your skip. If you find that you need to place it in a public space, such as a road, you will first need to apply for a skip licence. Having this allows the user to legally place skips and hippo bags on the road so it’s important to obtain these from your local council; you can also check with your chosen skip hire company to see if they will acquire this permit for you.

Also, ensure that you are using your skip in a safe manner. Overfilling can lead to injury from falling objects, especially if your skip is placed in a public area. Pack the skip responsibly to maximise its space and to mitigate any slippage risks. You should speak to your local council about whether you need to add reflective gear or markers around the skip.


Find quality skip hire with Devon Contract Waste 

When looking to hire a skip for your next job, make sure you’re working with the best at Devon Contract Waste. With our range of quality skip hire sizes, from 6 yards all the way up to 40, we are able to tackle any waste problem you may have. Also, with our capacity to hold a variety of hazardous waste materials, we’ll have you covered.

Our zero to landfill approach to waste management means we strive to use all of the rubbish we collect, both recyclable and non-recyclable so you can rest assured that your waste is being put to the best possible use.

For more information on our range of services, visit our website or give us a call on 01392 690 193.

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