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Make Strides in Plastic Recycling Wearing These Sustainable Sneakers

‘Sustainability’ and ‘ethical fashion’ are just some of the words that are flying around the clothes industry, as more and more consumers are starting to become aware of their literal carbon fashion footprint. An umbrella term for a range of different factors in the fashion industry, from using sustainable fibres to natural dyes, cruelty free methods and fair treatment of their employees – it can feel like a minefield to know what to, and what not to, purchase.

However, though many brands are behind others – some are making waves in the industry by producing garments from recycled plastic and plastic deposited in the ocean, especially in footwear. It is no secret that trainers have taken over fashion as a comfortable item of clothing that goes with virtually anything. Below, we take a closer look at some of the leading brands in contemporary trainers and how they are changing the planet one step at a time.


Tread Sneakers – Everlane

An American clothing retailer founded in 2010, Everlane jumped upon the sustainable fashion train. In 2018, the company pledged to stop using virgin plastic in their garments by 2021 which also included their packaging. But, in the past few months they have launched their Tread trainer, a cream coloured carbon neutral unisex trainer created from leather, recycled rubber and plastic bottles. For those who are worried about leather, the company claims that it is sourced from the world’s cleanest tannery in Vietnam that uses 42% electricity and 56% less water than other leather producing facilities.


Futurecraft Loop Shoes – Adidas

A leading brand in the trainer market, Adidas launched their Futurecraft Loop Shoes in April 2019. These are made from virgin plastic that can be ground up and remade – so no plastic is wasted in the process.


Shao Sneakers – Ecoalf

With these trainers, you don’t need to worry anymore about damage to sea-life. The Shao sneakers from Ecoalf are made from five old plastic bottles each, all sourced from the cerulean depths of the Mediterranean sea. The plastic is processed into yarn which is used to make the knitted upper sole of the trainer and the trainer sole is also made from algae which grows in excess in lakes and rivers.


Pinatex Shoes – Hugo Boss

Another high brand and well known fashion label, Hugo Boss is renowned for their sharp tailored menswear. However, they are also doing their bit for the environment too. The creators at Hugo Boss have created a vegan men’s trainer made from recycled thermoplastic polyurethane and Pinatex – a textile that mimics leather but is made from pineapple leaf fibres.

Here at Devon Contract Waste, we pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive, eco-friendly solution to your plastic woes. We can help sort your commercial, industrial, and domestic plastic waste – recycling it into new exciting products, or perhaps even trainers! You never know, the plastic water bottle you just threw out could soon end up on your feet. To find out more about us, simply contact us today.

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