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How To Power Your Home or Office Renewably

The news is constantly awash with stories of climate change and the drastic impact that it’s having on the world, and for good reason. We all need to do our bit to try and stem the flow of the climate disaster and reducing our reliance on fossil fuel energy is a great way to do so. One of the best ways we can do this is by switching to renewable sources of energy; here are some of the ways you can do this at home or at work.

Solar Power

Solar power is one of the most common and most effective forms of renewable energy. As the name suggests, solar power utilises the power of the sun and turns it back into useable energy for the home.

Installing a solar panel can be expensive to begin with, but once the installation has taken place, you’ll drastically reduce your reliance on fossil fuels and can even sell spare energy back to the grid!

Residential Wind Turbines

Large wind turbines can be found across the country, but did you know that you can also install a mini one on your home? These turbines can power all or most of the power you’ll need for your home and, if you live in an area that gets a lot of wind, this might be an even more effective solution than solar power.


Hydro power isn’t going to be useful for many households, but if you live near a river or another source of flowing water, you’ll be able to redirect it and utilise the natural source of power to fuel your home. If the source of water and the current of its flow is substantial enough, you can create ample energy for your own home.

Devon Contract Waste: Recycling Specialists Working To Keep The Environment Clean

If you’ve been inspired to invest in renewable energy, you should also consider how you are managing the waste that you create. Whether you’re a homeowner of a business owner, Devon Contract Waste can help you be responsible with your waste.

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