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How to Choose the Right Construction Company For Your Home Renovation Project

If you’re thinking of embarking on the exciting journey of renovating your home, finding the right experts to make your dreams a reality is essential. It’s likely that you’ve been dreaming up the final plans for years and now you’ve got the funds to start the project, you’ll need to ensure you’ve hired reliable and skilled contractors, from architecture through to interior design. One of the most crucial decisions you’ll make is choosing the perfect construction company for you. You want to feel reassured that they’re going to carry out quality, efficient and cost-effective work so that you don’t spend time and money on snagging work for months after the renovation is complete. Here are the main things to look for in a construction company:


Once your architect has drawn up your final plans, you need to ensure your construction company understands exactly what you want and provides a detailed timeline of the work, including an approximate completion date. An experienced company should take into consideration aspects that may affect this timeline, for example, poor weather conditions or unexpected hold-ups, and relay them to you before the work starts.

Licensed and insured

One of the most vital things to look out for when choosing a construction company is making sure they’re licensed and insured. This will give you peace of mind that the construction workers and their subcontractors are working safely on your site and if anything were to go wrong, there’s insurance to back you up. They should also be members of the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) so that you can trust they’re paying their subcontractors appropriately.

Good references

The best way to know whether your chosen construction company will do a good job is to do as much research as possible to find strong references and testimonials. This could be from other clients on their website or trade review sites like Equally, your architect may recommend construction contractors they’ve worked with in the past on projects similar to yours. For the most proactive solution, take a stroll around your local area and keep your eyes peeled for home renovation projects that you like the look of and ask the owner who completed the job for them.


Whether you’re a green crusader or not, it’s increasingly important that all of us start to think more about the impact we’re having on the environment. For a renovation project, this not only means making sure your construction company use sustainable materials but also refers to how much construction waste goes to landfill. Home renovations generate a huge amount of waste, and you need to know that your construction contractors are disposing of the waste responsibly. Find out whether they’re using an environmentally-conscious waste disposal company, which preferably has a zero landfill policy.

Whatever type of waste is produced, from green waste generated after the final touches to your landscaping to hazardous waste like asbestos discovered in the early stages of construction, you should feel reassured that your project isn’t having a negative impact on the planet. If you’re not sure how your construction contractor is disposing of their waste, contact a local commercial waste disposal company and recommend them to your contractor.

When you consider all of these aspects and choose the ideal company for you, your new home will soon be looking like it did in your dreams, and you can rest assured that it hasn’t done too much damage to the environment too!

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