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How Can Your Business Benefit From Recycling?

In today’s climate, businesses are always looking for ways to become more environmentally friendly. Increasing sustainability, lowering carbon footprint and making an overall positive impact on the environment. Nevertheless, some businesses neglect recycling because they don’t see it as the most effective way of lowering their carbon footprint. Recycling is something that should certainly not be overlooked though, as it reduces the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. Landfills are dangerous because they generate high levels of greenhouse gases, which contributes to the process of global warming. Although a business should prioritise recycling for its environmental purposes, there are also so many other benefits that come with it that can slip under the radar. Whether a business starts to introduce cardboard recycling or glass recycling into their routine, every little helps!

At Devon Contract Waste, we know how important it is for businesses to recycle because they play a huge role in reducing our greenhouse gases. If you’re after green waste collection, then we’re the team to give you a helping hand when you need it the most.

If you’re not convinced by the benefits that recycling can offer your business, then this blog will almost certainly change your mind. You’ll be kicking yourself that you haven’t considered recycling before!

The Benefits of Recycling

If your business decides against recycling, then you could be missing out on a whole host of benefits. When owning your own business, even just the smallest of changes can make a huge difference. Here are just some of the benefits that recycling can offer your business:

Protect the Environment

It goes without saying that recycling is something that businesses should implement into their business, mainly because it protects the environment. The world’s natural resources are not infinite, with some of them being in short supply. Recycling helps to actually conserve these natural resources. For instance, glass recycling is important because it reduces the need to use raw materials like sand. Whilst this might seem quite peculiar, there are some types of sand that are very limited. On the other hand, recycling plastic means that there isn’t as much need to create new plastic, meaning that we don’t need to use as many fossil fuels.

Recycling is also important for saving energy because making products from recycled materials uses far less energy than making them with raw materials. For instance, producing aluminium from recycled materials uses ninety-five percent less energy than making it from scratch. This energy difference can make the world of difference when it comes to protecting our planet.

Save Money

As a business, you should always be looking for different ways to save money – but did you know recycling can actually help you save money? It is a known fact that landfill costs are rising because of the damage it is causing to our planet, making it more expensive to actually dump your waste. Not only that, but businesses can save money by purchasing reusable goods like glassware and cutlery. This means that a business doesn’t need to spend as much money on single-use items, saving you money in the long run.

Brand Image

Brand image is absolutely crucial when it comes to expanding your business, as well as building credibility and loyalty with your customers. If your brand image has negative connotations, then it’s likely that people won’t want to deal with you. One really effective way of improving your brand image is by becoming environmentally conscious. Businesses that have a keen eye for the environment are known to be more favourable in the eyes of its consumers. More and more people are becoming concerned with the environment, and therefore they want to support businesses that reflect this sentiment.

Employee Retention

Not only are your customers concerned with how sustainable you are, but your employees are too. In fact, it was actually found that 70% of millennials would rather work in a company that places an emphasis on being sustainable and environmentally conscious. The study even found that three-quarters of the respondents would voluntarily take a smaller salary if they were to work in an environmentally responsible firm, which just highlights how important it is for employees to work in a company that does everything it can to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and positively contribute to the environment.

Employee retention is important for a business because they want to create a positive working culture where people can feel accepted and listened to. If you have a company where there is a high turnover of staff, then you might find it difficult to create team cohesion. Having staff coming and going can’t be good for productivity either, as it means that the number of experienced workers you have will become limited. Although not every single employee will be concerned about sustainability, it is important to consider that many people place this high up on their list when searching for a job.

What To Look For in A Recycling Collection Company

Now that we have outlined the benefits of recycling, the next step is to find a waste management company that you can trust. With so many different companies out there, it can be a difficult task identifying what is the best company for your business. Here are just some of the things that you should consider when choosing a waste management company:

  • What Services Do They Offer? – One of the main areas that you should research when looking at a recycling collection company is the services that they offer. For instance, you want to enlist the help of a team who have the facilities to deal with all different types of waste. Whether it’s glass or cardboard recycling, the company should not have any restrictions on what they can recycle. It is also advisable to see whether they offer alternative services. At Devon Contract Waste, we have a wide range of different recycling services – from mixed commercial waste to electrical recycling, we’re sure we have the right solution for you.
  • Reliable – When looking for a recycling company, reliability is a characteristic that should certainly be in your search criteria. You need to be confident that their service matches your business needs and won’t cause you too much inconvenience. Invest your time and money into a company that are trustworthy and will work with you and your busy schedule.
  • Location – Having a local waste management company is effective because it allows you to build up a strong working relationship. Not only that, but it’s also easier in terms of logistics. You might even find that the price is lower if they don’t have to travel as far to find you! If you find yourself constantly searching ‘recycling centre near me’, then Devon Contract Waste could be the company for you. We don’t just offer our services in Devon, but in Cornwall and Somerset too!

Devon Contract Waste, The Waste Disposal Company You Can Trust

As addressed in this blog, recycling is not just important for protecting the environment, but it can also help you boost your brand image and improve employee retention. If you’re looking for a waste recycling specialist company, then look no further than Devon Contract Waste! We’re a waste disposal company that holds strong values when it comes to helping our customers increase their sustainability and reduce their carbon footprint. We know how important it is to have a business that is environmentally conscious, that’s why we’re here to help!

With over thirty years of experience, we have what it takes to ensure that your waste is handled in the safest way possible. We are proud to have a ‘Zero to Landfill’ solution, which means that we will strive to recycle as possible. Whether it’s food waste or cardboard recycling, we have got you covered. So stop searching for a ‘recycling centre near me’ and get in touch with our team today!

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