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Four fun ways to teach children about how to save the environment

It is no secret that environmental threats are one of the leading concerns that our generation and future generations will face. And whilst governmental changes are already being put in place, what can we do ourselves to teach children about the importance of saving the environment? As a passionate zero to landfill waste company, we have come up with five ways you can adopt at home to get your kids learning and excited about saving the future.


Superhero Game

Children love fantasy and superheroes. So, come up with a superhero game that incorporates recycling and saving the environment. Get your child to dress up as a superhero and get them to whoosh around the home or park when tidying to recycle recyclable goods. Not only does this teach them the importance of recycling, but it also teaches them that cleaning and tidying can be fun too.


Cooking vegetarian and vegan recipes together

Recent evidence has shown that adopting a more plant-based diet can help decrease your families carbon emissions dramatically. This is because meat production and animal agriculture results in a huge level of carbon emissions and greenhouse gases, from water usage, land usage, machinery and transport. What’s more, vegetarian and vegan recipes can be cost-effective and affordable, too! Get your children involved with cooking and whipping up tasty vegetarian and vegan recipes that you can share as a whole family.


Create a star chart based on environmental changes

As most parents know, children are motivated by incentives of some kind. For example, getting a chocolate sweet treat if they have performed well at school or done their homework. You can create incentives surrounding environmental changes, for example, recycling, opting for less single waste options and pursuing an active interest in the environment. You could also do this with the phrase ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’. For example, if your child decides not to get a new plastic toy because they want to help save the environment, or they decide to give away toys that they no longer want to children in need.


Do a garden project

Get your children interested in your local environment and natural biodiversity by doing a garden project together. Whether that is growing flowers or produce or creating a home for hedgehogs and small critters, this is a great way to teach your child about the importance of conservation.

Here at Devon Contract Waste, we pride ourselves on being ‘zero heroes’ contributing to a zero-landfill lifestyle. We believe that in order for our planet to survive and thrive, future generations need to learn exactly how important the environment is. Why not let your kids know about devon contract waste? To find out more about our services, simply contact us today.

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