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DCW Opens High Security Data Destruction Centre in Plymouth

Leading south west independent waste management company DCW has opened a high security, state of the art data destruction centre in Lee Mill, Plymouth. The 8,000 sq ft facility, the only one of its kind in Devon and Cornwall, can destroy up to 25,000 tonnes a year of sensitive data or end of line products. DCW’s new data destruction facility will become its central location for processing data collections across the company’s Devon, Cornwall and Somerset client base.

For the first time in Plymouth, DCW will also be providing a service to householders who, with as little as one sack of confidential paper waste, can visit the facility to dispose of old bank statements and utility bills, as well as computer hard drives and USB sticks in a safe and confidential way.

DCW has invested around £300,000 in the facility, which houses two giant shredding machines. One machine can destroy up to 4 tonnes an hour of paper or products and the second shredder can handle hard drives, CDs and sim cards, all of which can go on to be recycled in the UK.

Initially employing two operators on machinery and two driving collection vehicles, the company is anticipating considerable growth over the next 12 to 18 months to meet a growing demand for confidential data destruction.

DCW can accept a minimum of one sack at a cost of £5 plus VAT up to a maximum of 28 tonnes of paper waste at any one time. All shredded confidential waste is then sent to UK paper mills for processing into products such as tissue.

Commenting on the opening of DCW’s new data destruction facility, Managing Director Simon Almond said: “We are committed to offering the most secure and sustainable recycling solutions to our customers.

“The new Lee Mill data destruction facility enhances and complements our existing range of services and provides a further means of processing waste in pursuit of a robust and sustainable circular economy for the future”.

DCW’s data destruction practices are accredited to BS EN 15713:2019 standards. DCW is currently partnering with their waste management software company (VWS Software Solutions) to invest in and develop a bespoke barcode system so it can electronically trace customers’ confidential waste from the point of collection, through the process until it is destroyed.

DCW is a leading provider of commercial waste management services in Devon, Cornwall and central Somerset. The company collects mixed waste from its clients in a single vehicle, reducing the number of journeys made and minimising its CO2 emissions. Each time a bin is emptied, around 3.04kg of CO2 is emitted, so collecting waste in a single bin, rather than separating it into different containers, reduces CO2 emissions.

For more information about DCW’s new data destruction service, email or call 01752 429 565.

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