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DCW donates repaired appliances to those in need following Collectrical acquisition

Last month, DCW acquired electrical collection and recycling company Collectrical after the Plymouth-based social enterprise faced the challenges of a tough economy. As part of their work, the team at Collectrical regularly repaired and donated electrical appliances to those in need and we are pleased to announce that DCW will continue this valuable work, ensuring that Collectrical’s legacy lives on.

Through its Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Zero to Landfill recycling service, DCW will identify appliances which are repairable and will send them to partners in Plymouth who will repair equipment such as washing machines and fridges.

DCW will buy these items back and donate them to people who really need them. We will be working with housing associations and Social Services to identify people across the South West who could benefit from receiving repaired electrical goods.

Due to limitations, Collectrical could only carry out this initiative within the Plymouth area but now that the baton has been passed to DCW, we can expand this service, covering the whole of the South West.

Times are tough amid the cost of living crisis so we want to do all that we can to help those who need it the most. That’s why we’re aiming to donate between five and ten items per week.

Simon Almond, Managing Director at DCW, commented: “When we acquired Collectrical, it was important for us that we continued their brilliant charity work by donating repaired electrical goods to those in need. We thought it was important that this scheme didn’t come to an end, particularly when we are in such turbulent times. We also have the opportunity to grow the scheme as DCW has the ability to reach people across the South West thanks to us having a strong presence in Devon, Cornwall and Somerset.”

Simon continued: “Not only are old electricals given a new lease of life and kept away from landfill, this scheme is benefitting the community too. We will continue to work with housing associations and the Social Services to identify people who could benefit from this scheme, ensuring that Collectrical’s legacy lives on.”

Does your business own electrical goods that it no longer needs? Recycle it with DCW. Click here for more information on DCW’s WEEE recycling service or email

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