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A Guide to Different Waste Services

A Guide to Different Waste Services

A modern-day business will deal with a lot of waste daily. This waste must be disposed of properly, as improper disposal can harm the environment. But it is sometimes hard to figure out how to dispose of your waste as there are so many different types to deal with.

So read on to find out about the benefits of waste services and how different types of materials are disposed of.

The Benefits of Waste Services

Devon Contract Waste provides efficient and competitively priced waste services that offer environmentally friendly waste recycling that works towards creating a more sustainable business community. There are many benefits to managing your waste effectively, such as:

  • Environmental Impact – most waste disposed of improperly ends up in landfills and continues to harm the environment long after it has been disposed of, producing greenhouse gases such as methane and carbon monoxide. Recycling waste also reduces the number of new materials produced. For example, recycling paper means fewer trees are cut down.

  • Cost-Effective – By using a dedicated company for all of your waste services, they can offer package prices that work out much cheaper than recycling each material individually.

  • Easy Organisation – We can do all the work for you, sorting it into different material types at one of our depots, meaning you don’t have to worry if your business is too busy to sort it yourself.

Food Waste Recycling

UK households waste 4.5 million tons of food waste every year. Recycling food waste stops it from ending up in landfills, where it rots and produces harmful methane. Instead, it can be recycled and broken down to be used for other purposes. By recycling your food waste, you are showing a commitment to making your business greener by supporting sustainable initiatives.

All food waste from your business can be recycled, including raw and cooked meat, out of date food, baked goods, fruit and vegetables, pasta and coffee ground. Keep all packaging and non-food products out of it as they can’t be recycled with food. Also, stay away from recycling liquids such as milk which can cause leaks while being transported.

All of the food waste that you give to Devon Contract Waste will be recycled and used to produce energy and compost for a local farm near Plymouth. It is put through an anaerobic digester which produces biogas and fertiliser. These are then used to supply power to Language Farm and help to grow crops for the animals that reside there. Services we offer include lockable bins that separate food types and food waste bags for smaller amounts of waste.

If your business requires compost, you can make your own from the food waste you produce. Just add all eggshells, fruit and vegetable peelings, coffee grounds and filters, tea bags and seeds to your compost bin instead of recycling them. You cannot compost cooked food, fish, meat or dairy products.

Green Waste Recycling

Green waste is any organic waste that can be composted, such as grass clippings, leaves, branches, flowers and hedge trimmings. It has a wealth of benefits so definitely should not be sent to a landfill where it will be left to release methane. You can recycle green waste at a dedicated recycling centre. You can also generate compost which is a highly sustainable disposal method for your business. If you have no need for compost you can send it to Devon Contract Waste and we can recycle it for you.

Devon Contract Waste has a comprehensive list of green waste services for your business at competitive prices. We provide containers for you to collect your green waste in and can then collect your waste on a one-off or a scheduled regular basis, converting all of it into compost for domestic and agricultural use. Devon Contract Waste is partnered with South West Composting in Plymouth to try and have no green waste end up in landfills and instead be recycled in the most effective processes.

We also recycle all types of tree waste, plywood and timber. From this, we make and deliver BSL-approved renewable heat biomass wood chips that can be used to heat residential and commercial properties.

Hazardous Waste

For businesses that deal with dangerous materials, disposing of hazardous waste should be one of the top priorities they have. Devon Contract Waste can provide secure containers such as hazardous waste drums and then arrange the collection and disposal of these materials. We can help with regular collections or an occasional service as and when you need it.

There are plenty of legal safety regulations surrounding the disposal of hazardous waste, so the easiest way to make sure you are complying with the latest regulations is to use an experienced and reasonably priced waste disposal company such as Devon Contract Waste. We can dispose of the waste safely and help you to complete any pre-registration documentation for the hazardous waste you will be producing.


Devon Contract Waste can collect and recycle a variety of electrical waste, such as phones, toasters, refrigerators, hard drives, laptops, computers and other domestic electrical equipment. Electronic waste is regulated by a different set of directives than the handling and disposing of other materials. This is why you should use a trusted waste disposal service to ensure your business complies with the latest WEEE regulations to minimise the amount of electrical waste that ends up in UK landfills.

Glass Recycling

Devon Contract Waste offers expert glass bottle recycling services that can put together a bespoke package to suit the level of glass waste your business produces. Glass recycling uses less energy than producing new glass products, so reduces the impact on the environment. Make sure when recycling glass that you keep it separate from food or other waste types.

Cardboard Recycling

Deforestation is a major world issue and recycling paper and cardboard can help to combat this. We can organise paper and cardboard collection from your business that will be transported to our hub in Exeter. Here it will be sorted into grades and then sent to large paper mills, where they are turned into cardboard boxes and tissue paper products.

Plastic Recycling

DCW polymers is a specialist division of Devon Contract Waste that focuses on recycling as much plastic as possible to be made into new products. This can reduce the carbon footprint of your business and save previous materials from incineration. We can provide different size containers to collect your plastics, which then is taken and processed into granules, which are sent to manufacturers to be made into new products such as Storm Board.

Storm Board is a product that provides a solution to un-recyclable plastics and the unsustainable impact of plywood. It turns waste plastic into a recycled alternative to plywood. The UK imports about 1.4 million cubic tons of plywood every year and a lot of it is only used temporarily before being sent to a landfill. So reducing this heavy impact on the environment is essential. This is where Storm Board can be used as an environmentally conscious alternative with hundreds of potential uses. It can be worked like wood but doesn’t rot and is resistant to weather. After it’s been used, it can then be shredded and reused to make new Strom Boards, making it a self-sustaining material.

We can recycle a wide range of plastics, including PET and HDPE, and are committed to reducing the amount of plastic that ends up in landfills. Devon Contract Waste acquired s processing business in

Devon Contract Waste

If you or your business needs waste services in the South West, get in touch with Devon Contract Waste today! We can work with you to offer bespoke packages that will fit your requirements and budget restraints. We do this through an in-depth consultation that will identify the right solutions for your business.

Devon Contract Waste is the South West’s leading independent commercial waste handling firm, working since 1989 to ensure none of our waste goes to landfills. We have three different state-of-the-art recycling facilities across Devon that enable us to process all waste locally. Aside from recycling, we offer equipment hire and a range of recycled products such as furniture made from the plastic waste we have collected.

So give us a call on 01392 690 193 to find out how our services can help your business become greener. Or visit our website now to find out a wealth of information about all the different services, equipment hire and recycled products we offer. We can recycle all your waste no matter what it is.

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