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5 Ways To Become A Sustainable Pet Owner

5 Ways to Become a Sustainable Pet Owner

Living an environmentally-friendly lifestyle doesn’t have to stop once you get a pet.

There are many ways you can include your furry friend in the eco-friendly movement and make sure that you are both doing all that you can to protect the environment.

Here are five easy ways to become a sustainable pet owner.

1.  Adopt Your Pet

Adopting a pet is much better for the environment than buying one. Adopting helps to reduce the complications of animal overpopulation including the spread of diseases.

It is also recommended that you get your cat neutered from four months old to avoid any unplanned litter.

2.  Try Sustainable Pet Foods

The meat industry is one of the major contributing factors to global warming, and humans are now being encouraged to adopt a vegan or vegetarian diet to help stop this.

Dogs are omnivores and can eat a wide variety of food types so they can survive on a vegetarian diet as long as the diet is complete and well-balanced.

However, cats are omnivores and depend on some very specific nutrients that are found in meat so they can become seriously ill if they are fed a vegan or vegetarian diet. However, cat owners can reduce their environmental impact by choosing brands that only use higher welfare meat and MSC-certified fish.

3.  Choose Green Pet Toys

Try to limit the number of toys you have that have harmful plastics in them. Many companies make toys, beds and other pet supplies from sustainable materials or recycled waste.

You also might be able to find kids’ toys in car boot sales and charity shops which could be given to your furry friend. Just make sure to remove any small plastic parts that your pet might be able to swallow.

4.  Walk Instead of Driving

One of the best things about having a dog is that they encourage you to get up and move. Going on long walks with your dog not only keeps them happy and healthy but you happy and healthy too.

However, some owners may be tempted to drive somewhere to walk their dog, but this can be damaging to the environment. While not everyone has green space available on their doorstep, it’s worth considering whether you really need to jump in the car to walk the dog.

5.  Recycled Plastic Dog Agility Equipment

One way to keep your dog entertained and healthy without harming the environment is by investing in recycled plastic dog agility equipment.

At Devon Contract Waste, we produce a range of recycled dog agility equipment to suit all dogs. Our equipment is longer lasting than wooden alternatives and better for the environment too!

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