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10 things to consider when hiring a skip

10 things to consider when hiring a skip

When it comes to managing waste efficiently for a big job, hiring a skip is a smart move for businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re undertaking a construction project, clearing out an office, or managing an event, the right skip can make waste disposal straightforward and environmentally friendly. 

Here at DCW, we’re committed to providing the very best commercial waste disposal services, including skip hire across the South West. With sustainability at the heart of our operations, we’re here to guide you through the essential considerations to ensure your skip hire is as seamless as possible.

Size matters

Choosing the correct size skip is paramount. Underestimating the size needed can lead to unnecessary additional hires, while overestimating means you’re paying for space you don’t use. Skips come in a variety of sizes, from small 2-yard mini-skips perfect for minor home clearances to large 40-yard roll-on roll-off containers ideal for commercial projects. Consider the scale of your project and the type of waste you’ll be disposing of. A good rule of thumb is to opt for a size larger than you think you need to accommodate unexpected waste. You can always call the DCW team to get advice! 

Permit practicalities

Before the skip arrives, check if you need a council permit. Placing a skip on a public road often requires permission from your local council, a process that can take up to a few days and involve a fee. If you’re able to position the skip on private land, like your driveway or company premises, you won’t need a permit. However, always ensure the location is accessible for delivery and collection, and doesn’t obstruct access.

Waste type restrictions

Not everything can go into a skip. Hazardous materials, such as asbestos, batteries, electrical appliances, tyres, and certain types of paint and liquids, are not allowed. It’s crucial to separate such materials and arrange alternative disposal methods. Understanding what waste is permitted ensures you avoid additional charges for prohibited items and supports responsible waste management.

Access and placement

The location of your skip is key for both practicality and safety. Ensure there’s sufficient access for the delivery lorry, taking into account height and width restrictions, and consider how you’ll fill the skip. The delivery site should be level, clear of obstructions, and strong enough to support the skip’s weight. Good placement can reduce the risk of accidents and make the process smoother for everyone involved.

Hire duration

Most companies offer skip hire for a fixed period, typically up to two weeks. Consider how long you’ll need the skip and plan accordingly. If your project runs over, you might incur additional charges for extended hire. Communicate with your skip hire provider about your project timeline to align on expectations and avoid any surprises. At DCW, we make that easy with our friendly team! 

Recycling and disposal

In today’s environmentally-conscious world, how your waste is disposed of matters. At DCW, we pride ourselves on our commitment to recycling and ensuring that as much waste as possible is diverted from landfill. It’s not just about getting rid of waste; it’s about doing it responsibly.

Load level

It’s illegal to transport overloaded skips as they can pose a danger to the public and the environment. Ensure that your waste is level with the top of the skip. Overloading may lead to additional charges for removing excess waste or could even result in the skip not being collected. Be mindful of how you fill the skip to maximise space without breaching regulations.

Cost considerations

Prices for skip hire can vary widely based on size, location, hire duration, and the type of waste you’re disposing of. When getting a quote remember the cheapest option isn’t always the best. Consider the provider’s credentials, recycling policies, and customer service reputation.

Insurance implications

Check that your skip hire company is fully insured, covering potential damage to your property or the public during the skip hire period. This gives you peace of mind, knowing that you’re protected against unforeseen incidents. A reputable company will have the necessary insurance and be happy to discuss this with you.

Customer service

The level of customer service can make a big difference in your skip hire experience. Look for companies with positive reviews, clear communication channels, and a helpful attitude. They should be willing to advise on the best solutions for your needs and be responsive to any queries or concerns you may have.

Hire a skip across the South West

As a market-leading commercial waste disposal company, we pride ourselves on our local knowledge, sustainability focus, and exceptional customer service. We offer a range of skips suitable for any project size and type of waste, ensuring that your disposal needs are met responsibly and efficiently.

If you’re based in the South West and looking for a reliable skip hire service that prioritises environmental integrity and customer satisfaction, look no further than DCW. Find out more here

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