Food waste recycling

langage-farm-logoThe recycling of food waste plays a vital role in our Zero to Landfill solution. Food waste can be a fantastic source of energy as it rots to create power and also produces great compost, once the process is complete, that can go back on the land.

Of course leaving food waste in with your general waste not only means the opportunity to create power is lost, but it contaminates the material that we recycle from the general waste, reducing overall recovery.

The best bit about our food waste recycling is all the food goes to Langage Farm near Plymouth to power the factory that makes the delicious ice cream. The compost that is left feeds the grass that the cows eat to produce the milk to make the ice cream and cream.

Food Waste RecyclingBiodegradable corn starch liners are available for all food container sizes including 25 litre caddy, 240 litre bins, 360 litre bins & 660 litre bins (Food restrictions apply with the 660 litre bins).

These bins and containers are available to any establishment that produces food waste. They can be collected in multiples at chosen intervals as required, but for hygiene reasons must be exchanged weekly.

For more information about food waste and why it has to be dealt with in a different way click here

We also offer a collection of packaged foods from supermarkets, please contact us for more information on 01392 361300.

All the food waste gets composted

Container options

Waste & recycling sacks

We offer the very best sustainable commercial recycling and waste management service in Devon and Somerset, including Exeter, Plymouth, Torbay, North Devon, South Devon, West Somerset and beyond

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