Waste & recycling sacks

We can offer a 70-litre sack collection service for businesses with smaller volumes where bins are not required or room does not permit. These pre-printed sacks are sold in rolls of 50.

For data destruction we also offer a sack and tie service. These are made from a thicker plastic and are limited in weight to 10 kgs. They are 45 litres in volume and may be re-used at least 10 times.

All the sacks we sell are recyclable and are processed in our plant to be recycled.

Waste suitable for this type of container

mixed waste

Mixed commercial waste recycling

Hazardous waste services

Hazardous waste services


Clinical, sanitary medical & sharps

secure data collection

Confidential waste

food waste

Food waste recycling

paper & cardboard

Paper & cardboard recycling

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