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Disposing of PPE Waste Safely
As the UK continues to fight back against Coronavirus, huge amounts of personal protective equipment (PPE) are being made ...
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How Will COVID-19 Impact On Our Drive To End Plastic Waste?
During the COVID-19 pandemic, single use plastics have become more popular than ever as people panic buy disposable wipes, ...
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5 easy ways to improve recycling habits
We all know that we should be making every effort to recycle as much as possible during our everyday ...
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Waste firm invests to help the SW fight war on plastics
As the fight against plastic pollution gains more momentum, a South West business has invested £280,000 to bring a ...
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Home Recycling Services During Lockdown
Home Recycling Services During Lockdown
DCW is a fully licensed waste management company providing tailor-made rubbish removal and waste disposal services to a wide ...
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Circular Economy
What is a circular economy?
Devon Contract Waste wants to reduce the environmental impact of its plastic production and consumption in the South West ...
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The History Of Rubbish Removal And Recycling Services
It’s pretty much impossible as a society to produce zero waste, so for centuries people have had to come ...
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What makes good recycling?
Life’s busy and the last thing you want to be doing late at night is scraping food leftovers from ...
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Office Waste Resolutions to Make in the New Year
The festive season is officially upon us, which only means one thing: New Year is just around the corner! ...
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The Importance of Food Waste Recycling
For many of us, recycling cardboard, paper, metal and plastic has become second nature. However, more recently there has ...
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Top Tips for Packing a Skip Correctly
Whether you’re hiring a skip for your office refurbishment or garden clearout, learning how to pack your skip correctly ...
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Top Tips for Teaching Children to Recycle
Great habits often begin during childhood, and what better habit to learn than recycling your waste? You are never ...
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Five Reasons Why All Businesses Need Responsible WEEE Disposal Solutions
Any business knows that your cybersecurity is just as important as physical security measures, which is why it’s vital ...
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Recycle & Raise with DCW Polymers
While you're enjoying the Celebrations, let's all be recycling Heroes and Recycle & Raise with DCW this Christmas. It's ...
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South West waste management services firm DCW invests in new fire detecting technology
Devon-based commercial waste management firm DCW has recently taken steps to improve the safety of its drivers and the ...
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DCW Takes Steps to Tackle Air Pollution with Low Emission Vehicles
As a country, our environmental consciousness has increased dramatically over the past few years. We are committed to cleaning ...
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DCW Opens High Security Data Destruction Centre in Plymouth
Leading south west independent waste management company DCW has opened a high security, state of the art data destruction ...
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From Refilling Soap Dispensers To Hiring On-Site Waste Compactors: Top Tips For Reducing And Managing Hotel Waste Responsibly
No doubt many of us are fortunate enough to go on holiday and stay in a nice hotel for ...
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From The Bin To The Recycling Centre: What Happens To Our Waste?
Despite there being many benefits to recycling, it is not as simple a process as you might imagine. Recycling ...
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Introducing the DCW Circular Economy Scheme
New Opt-in Recycling Scheme Launching in January 2020 Would you like your business to do more to help the ...
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