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How waste recycling helps our planet

Up until now businesses have had to sort all their rubbish for recycling but many didn’t have the time, which is why much of it ended up in landfill. However, help is now at hand!

In Exeter, there is a place called Envirohub, which is the base for Devon Contract Waste. This company has started a ‘Zero to Landfill’ campaign because they would like to see everything recycled so landfill wouldn’t be needed anymore. To help with this, they have spent over four million pounds on a fantastic new waste sorting machine which means businesses won’t have to sort their rubbish anymore.

This machine is huge: it’s over ten metres high, covers the same area as one football pitches and it can sort up to 300 tonnes of rubbish per day — that’s the same weight as thirty seven and a half full size elephants.

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