Eco heat

Help Devon reduce its carbon footprint with sustainable wood fuels

Made from 100% natural, clean recycled wood, Eco Heat briquettes burn for longer and produce less ash than seasoned logs.

Eco heat briquettes have a much higher calorific value than most seasoned timber. They are made using 100% pure wood waste. The moisture content is far less than natural wood and as a result, they burn hotter and more efficiently.

Eco heat

Safer than timber logs
Briquettes are much safer than traditional logs as they do not spit.

Clean Fuel
Due to the extremely low moisture content in Eco heat briquettes they are practically smokeless.

Easy to store
No chopping or storage problems. Eco heat briquettes are well packaged and easy to store.

Perfect for wood burners, chimineas and solid fuel heating systems – why not make the switch from fossil fuels?

Delivery details:
areas we cover

Please note: Free delivery for Exeter is subject to a minimum of 25 bags

To find out more about Eco heat please give us a call on 01392 361 300 or send us an email at and we will email you back ASAP

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