Why choose Devon Contract Waste?

About DCW

Since the company’s creation in 1989, Devon Contract Waste Ltd has established itself as a market leader in the South West waste collection industry, providing an honest, reliable and effective approach to commercial waste management across Devon and Somerset. We have grown considerably over the last few years but have never lost our dedication to being the best at what we do.

We’ll be honest: the waste industry has become a bit of an obsession for us and has become a way of life – but we’re proud of this because never has looking after our planet been more important. Although we’re sure the recycling message may seem a bit boring or repetitive for some, it is essential that we all play our part to protect the world – however small your business or office.

It is vital that when choosing a waste and recycling contractor that you consider all the implications of that choice. It can reduce or even remove the benefit of recycling your waste if you use two or three contractors for your waste disposal and/or recycling due to increased CO2 emissions from the journeys.

Devon Contract Waste can manage all your waste and recycling in a single collections service. In fact, with the exception of glass, food and specialist waste such as hazardous or confidential items, you do not even need to separate your waste. We collect mixed waste, saving clients time and resources, and making it simple and convenient for businesses to be truly environmentally responsible.

Not only do we minimise the CO2 emissions associated with your waste, we’re the only commercial waste collector in the South West to offer a Zero to Landfill solution where everything that can possibly be recycled, is. Find out more about our unique solution here.

Throughout the business our philosophy is based on environmental benefit, and the bigger our client base becomes, the bigger the benefit to our combined carbon footprint. This responsibility extends further still, with Devon Contract Waste ensuring that all the recycling products we produce are reprocessed as close to the South West as is possible.

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