Zero to Landfill: Not just for Devon!

In April this year, Devon Contract Waste acquired the commercial waste arm of established waste management business, Wellington Waste, in Somerset, gaining around 300 new trade waste customers. We’re now nearly six months into our expansion into Wellington and we’re pleased to report that feedback has been hugely positive.

Many businesses are enjoying the benefits of our Zero to Landfill service, especially as separating their recyclable waste is a thing of the past (with the exception of food and glass), and they’re proud to have started their Zero to Landfill journey.

Paul Broom of Brumers Bikes Z10 Westpark, a former client of Wellington Waste, commented: “The change over from Wellington Waste to DCW has been seamless and professional, very efficient service and a pleasure to do business with.”

Since Devon Contract Waste started, our client base has surpassed our name, as we now operate beyond our Devon heartland and currently run collections in parts of north and east Cornwall and west Somerset. We’re passionate about diverting as much waste from the South West from landfill as possible, so if you are looking to simplify your business waste collection or know someone else who is, ask them to get in touch.

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