The Waste ( England and Wales) Regulations 2011 will require businesses to confirm that they have applied the waste management hierarchy when transferring waste. This is effective from 28th September 2011.

The hierarchy sets out , in order of priority , the waste management options you should consider:

1, prevention
2, preparing for reuse
3, recycling
4, recovery, eg energy recovery
5, disposal.

In plain English what this means is you now have a legal requirement to treat your waste in accordance with the waste hierarchy , preventing it in the first place , reusing it and recycling it.

Clearly every business has different requirements and on site issues where separation is simply not viable but with our help you can still meet this new legislation.

We can recycle the following waste streams.

Construction waste * glass bottles * food waste * card/paper * plastic * tins & cans * data waste

In April 2012 so long as food and glass is removed from your bins the remaining waste can be treated on your behalf at our new materials recycling facility in Exeter that will use the latest technology in optical sorting to separate up to 70% for recycling.

For help with recycling and money saving programs do not hesitate to contract our sales department by phone or e-mail your enquiry to For those of you that already recycle you may well already be compliant but we can advise you on further options if applicable.

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